This Solid Gold Darth Vader Mask Costs Only $1.4 Million

Solid Gold Darth Vader Mask
A one-of-a-kind Darth Vader mask made from 15kg(33-pound) of pure 24k gold will go on sale in Japan next week for 154 million Japanese yen (approx. $1.4 million). The shiny sculptures was created to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of “Star Wars” by Ginza Tanaka, a famed Japanese jeweler which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. Indeed, the Force will have to be strong for diehard Star Wars fans to buy or lift the mask. If you find that to be too expensive for you, the jeweler unveiled also a range of commemorative Star Wars gold coins celebrating the movie with more affordable prices: $1,200 to $11,000.

[ NY Times ]

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