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The Best Cities for Solo Travel, According to Airbnb

It’s Time To Update Your Bucket List! – The popular home rental site Airbnb has released a list of the top ten cities for solo travel, based on data collected from their millions of users over 2016. “Anywhere from 14% to 27% of all bookings are made by solo travelers, and emerging hotspots for solo travel include cities across the world”, according to the company. So which city took the top spot? Drum roll please!

#10 Busan, South Korea

#9 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

#8 Mexico City, Mexico

#7 Auckland, New Zealand

#6 São Paulo, Brazil

#5 Johannesburg, South Africa

#4 Playa del Carmen, Mexico

#3 Cologne, Germany

#2 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#1 Cancún, Mexico

Well…You can’t go wrong with Mexico.

[ Source : Airbnb ]

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