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Watch How The Leica M10 Is Made

Leica M10
Photographer Richard Seymour recently took a behind-the-scenes tour inside at Leica’s factory in Wetzlar, Germany, where they make the iconic Leica M10. The level of precision and skill from the workers is impressive, the M10 is created from 1,100 individual components – including 30 that have been milled from brass, 126 screws and 17 optical elements. Watch the video below.

” Supreme quality materials, largely crafted by hand, not only indicate suitability for everyday use and long-term durability even in adverse conditions, but are also a confirmation of the ‘made in Germany’ quality seal. The top and base plates are milled from solid blocks of metal, then ground and polished by hand in a 40-minute process.”


[ Source: Leica ]


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