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Show You Mean Business: Dressing for Success

‘Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have’ – you’re probably familiar with this saying, which is partly a form of advice and partly motivational for those wanting to climb the career ladder.

Well, there may be some truth in dressing for success as first impressions matter and in business, people can make snap judgements on your character based on what you’re wearing and how you present yourself.

So in what ways could you change your wardrobe staples or your regular routine to help you get ahead in business?

Decide How Formal to Go

Assessing your workplace for a dress code can be important; there may be a strict shirt and trousers dress code or jeans might be acceptable office-wear for example.

If you’re starting at a new job, make sure you take a look at how the employees usually dress and develop your work wardrobe from there – you don’t want to arrive in a full suit if the office is very informal but you’ll also want to avoid turning up in trainers and creased shirts.

Stay Groomed

Looking refined and groomed can make a difference at work as you are essentially a representation of your company. If a business has an employee who they’re not proud to show off, this could be likely to affect their opportunities to progress.

Consider spending a few extra pounds on a good haircut or make sure your beard is well-trimmed, for example. Paying attention to these small details can help you build trust with your colleagues or potential employers as being able to look after yourself could help you project a professional image and therefore build a sense of trust in your abilities at work.

Treat Yourself

When you look and feel good, you exude confidence and people will be likely pick up on this. Even if you treat yourself to something small but luxurious, like a new pair of glasses or an expensive perfume/aftershave, you’ll be able to feel more self-assured and composed even if you’re not earning the big bucks just yet.

Get Organised

Most job descriptions specify that they’re looking for someone with great organisation skills so if you haven’t already, we’d recommend investing in some useful stationery. A diary or a business pocket organiser from Collins Debden can help you keep all your affairs in order and project the right image to your current or potential employers for a promotion or new job.


Complete your business look with our tips on how to dress for success. When you look and feel good, you’ll project the confident and professional image that will be sure to get you noticed in your current job or by a potential new employer.

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