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Take A Look Inside The Luxurious Titanic Hotel

The former Harland & Wolff headquarters in Belfast, where the historic vessel Titanic was conceived has been transformed into the world’s most authentic Titanic-themed hotel.
The 119-room hotel has a nautical theme, and will offer spectacular views of Belfast’s rich shipbuilding history.
“Where one of Northern Ireland’s biggest commercial ventures once stood over 100 years ago, now stands a fitting tribute and another fantastic venture to shine a light on what was the largest shipyard in the world.” – said Kerrie Sweeney from Titanic Foundation.
Among the authentic spaces which have been retained is the telephone exchange, which received the first communication of Titanic hitting the iceberg.
The Titanic Hotel is now open for bookings and accepting guests with rates starting at £109 (approx. $145 at current exchange) per night.
Titanic Hotel Belfast
Queen’s Road, Titanic Quarter,
Belfast BT3 9DT,
Northern Ireland.
+44 (0)289 508 2000

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