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This Louis Vuitton Toilet Can Be Yours For $100,000

Louis Vuitton Toilet
California-based artist Illma Gore is turning heads with her images posted on social media, a golden toilet made entirely from Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags. She worked for three months to make the fully functioning potty, and used 24 different bags worth a grand total of $15,000.

“I personally love the idea of what it felt like to cut up a $2000 bag,” Gore said. “And the urge to destroy is just the same as a creative urge. And when Tradesy came to me with this idea of, you know, hey would you want to make art pieces, I mean I couldn’t say no to that.”

The new art piece will be on display at the Tradesy Showroom in Santa Monica, California, and can be yours for $100,000. It’s one way to show your brand loyalty, for sure. Any takers for this Louis Vuitton Toilet?

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