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2018 KTM X-Bow GT4 Race Car Unveiled

2018 KTM X-Bow GT4
KTM, the renowned Austrian motorcycle manufacturer has revealed in partnership with Reiter Engineering the latest version of its X-Bow GT4 race car. Weighing only 999 kilograms (2,202 pounds) the X-Bow is powered by an Audi-derived 2-liter engine making 360 horsepower.
Other updates include a more powerful Holinger transmission (MF), a new Motec M142 engine control, a LMP-spec headrest and a more user-friendly control panel in the cabin.
“Although we already have a GT4 vehicle that offers one of the best value for money—just take a look at the VLN where there’s no other car that runs faster lap times for less money—we want to further reduce the costs for the teams and the drivers with these updates,” Reiter Engineering boss Hans Reiter said in a statement.

Priced at €152,360 ($181,200) the 2018 KTM X-Bow GT4 can be ordered immediately, but the ones scheduled to be built in February are already gone.

[ Source: Reiter Engineering ]

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