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How Expats Can Give Their Child A Superb Education

Singapore_CBD_skylineFinding the right school experience for your child can be a challenge when you’re in a different situation than the one you experienced in your childhood. If you grew up in the States and you’re now progressing your career by working in Asia for example, you may worry that local schools won’t prepare them for life in the way you’re familiar with, or offer sufficient quality of instruction, or as many opportunities. There’s also the language barrier to consider and cultural differences.

Give your child the luxury of choice, both in the short term and for their future, with the right school. An excellent education includes three essential elements.

Academic qualifications

You’ll want a school that offers English-language instruction, as well as additional language learning opportunities, so your child will be able to communicate effectively both at home and abroad. The curriculum should be based on an international standard like the IB or AP programs, so that it will be valid and transferable should you need to relocate while they’re in school, as well as for when it comes time to apply to post-secondary institutions. A transferable curriculum gives your child access to leading universities worldwide.

Range of choice

In addition to a world-class core curriculum, a superb education includes exposure to a wider range of subjects so your child can explore his or her interests, discover talents, and learn skills to become a well-rounded adult. A balanced, extended education includes music, drama, visual art, languages, history, math, sciences and technology, and sport and outdoor time. If your child has an established interest or talent, look for a school that can cultivate that. One such school is the Stamford American International School in Singapore that offers strong arts instruction, including music, as well as languages and culture studies. Some schools may be better than others for sports and outdoors activity or have a strong focus on technology and entrepreneurialism. Look for a range of options beyond established interests as well, so your child can benefit from new experiences.

Relationships and opportunities

The right school cultivates happy, engaged kids and healthy, well-adjusted, successful adults. Look for a learning and community philosophy that resonates. International schools are good for building friendships with diverse, well-traveled peers and growing awareness and empathy for other people and cultures. A child who knows how to interact with people from other places and who has a network of friends around the world is well placed for successful future experiences as well. Classroom time and instructors contribute to cultivating well-rounded global citizens, but it’s often extracurricular activities and opportunities outside of the classroom that add value to your child’s experience. Sports, clubs, and excursions provide opportunities for developing confidence, collaboration, leadership, community, and entrepreneurialism that can stand children in good stead for future success.

A superb education includes a high quality, internationally transferable English language curriculum and teachers who are committed to cultivating good global citizens. It also includes the luxury of choice, giving children the chance to discover and cultivate new talents and become well-rounded, successful adults with a connected, supportive, and high-achieving peer network.

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