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The Most Popular High-End Cars in 2018

High-End Cars2018 looks set to be a magnificent year for luxury car lovers with a handful of stunning automobiles to choose from. These high-end vehicles are the pinnacle of luxury with breathtaking designs, blistering performances, supreme comfort and amazing owner satisfaction.

These incredible vehicles may be expensive, but those that are able to afford them will take great pride in being the new owner. The best way to get behind the wheel of these highly sought after vehicles will be to visit leading luxury car dealerships in the UK, like Romans International. Places like this carry all the latest performance and supercars from huge brands like Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini and more. Additionally, the best luxury car dealerships will offer both used and new supercars, so you could make savings here.

Here are a few of the most popular supercars to look out for in 2018:

Bentley Mulsanne

No brand is so rarely seen but so instantly recognisable as Bentley. The prestigious UK company is famous for their luxury saloons and the Mulsanne is considered their flagship car. There is an incredible level of craftsmanship on show with a classy interior that uses beautiful leather, fine wood and deep pile carpeting. This makes riding as a passenger a real joy in this car. Despite its large size and weight, the Mulsanne is still capable of 0-60 in just 5 seconds and offers a thrilling performance behind the wheel.

Range Rover

Always leading the pack in the luxury SUV market is Range Rover, which even rivals luxury limousines in terms of comfort, style and refinement. A Range Rover has a beautiful exterior design, upmarket interior and powerful engines that enable it to tackle the toughest of terrains. If you need a luxury car that can also be rugged and handle off-road, it is certainly worth checking out this excellent automobile.

Mercedes AMG GT

The sublime AMG GT is sure to turn heads with its sleek design, but it is also one of the most powerful Mercedes automobiles that you can buy thanks to its thunderous V8 engine. When this is combined with razor-sharp handling and superb grip, it provides a scintillating experience behind the wheel that anyone with a need for speed will enjoy. The AMG GT also boasts a beautiful cabin with a combination of leather and metal creating a comfortable yet modern feel. It also comes with a wide range of standard equipment too.

Lamborghini Huracan

There are few brands as flashy and flamboyant as Lamborghini and the Huracan is one of the most eye-catching supercars around. Of course, it is not just about the exterior design when it comes to Lamborghini’s and this model has a blistering performance along with light steering for an incredibly fun driving experience. Inside, the low seats provide great visibility and the terrific build quality ensures that you feel snug and comfortable behind the wheel or in the passenger seat. It may not be the most practical vehicle, but this will not be a concern for those shopping in this market and will certainly deliver in terms of owner enjoyment.

These are the luxury cars that look set to be the most popular in 2018. With beautiful designs, gorgeous interiors and incredible performances, they will certainly impress any motorist shopping in this market.

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