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The Top 5 Priorities For Luxury Property Buyers

Luxury PropertyLuxury properties give their owners all the opulence they could want without having to step out of the comfort of their homes, and they come with a price tag to match. From the breath-taking views to the lavish finishing, there are myriad factors at play. Potential buyers have a lot to think about when making a final decision.

Here are the top 5 aspects a buyer has to consider before purchasing a luxury property.

  1. Location

It’s easy to see why location tops this list. Location influences nearly every other element, from the lifestyle a buyer might be looking for to the expected return on investment. Location determines everything from accessibility to entertainment options, work, and schools. It can even mean big differences in cost. Very few people would pass up an ocean view, but a pristine stretch of private beachfront is a completely different experience that would warrant a much higher price.

  1. Facilities

Much of the pull of a luxury property lies in the pampering amenities. As important as it is to have a property in a desirable location, what really seals the deal are the things that set the house apart from any other. Luxury buyers are looking for more than trendy gimmicks. Quality and good taste are big considerations.

Smart home technology, temperature-controlled private infinity pools, and private elevators are just a few of the bells and whistles that can take a property to the next level. Besides that, facilities like multi-care garages and great views are all but expected.

  1. Interior Design

Luxury is in the details, and a buyer wants to know that every facet has been considered. This can mean everything from a fully-fitted, state-of-the-art kitchen to luxe light fixtures. Interior is where meticulous attention to detail comes into play. Customisability is also an aspect to think about, as many luxury properties are known for their bespoke, one-of-a-kind features.

Buyers may also want a say on the finishing touches, depending on their personal style and preferences. Some would even enjoy giving their new properties a complete personalised make-over and transforming it into the perfect home.

  1. Lifestyle

The fast-paced lifestyle of a young professional is very different from that of a growing family, and a home must be reflective of that.A chic apartment in the heart of the city, with access to restaurants and lounges, will be well-suited to a single person. Families, on the other hand, may be more interested in gated communities with spacious houses, nearby schools and other amenities.

Prospective buyers need to consider their lifestyle needs, as well, and think about the community in an area before making the decision to set down roots.

  1. Security

Luxury buyers, like any potential home-owners, want to be assured that their families and hard-earned assets are safe. Security needs vary according to the type of property, but alarm systems, 24/7 security personnel, and comprehensive CCTV are important to ensure safety and privacy. Properties on large plots of land in relatively isolated areas also benefit from quality security systems to give their residents peace of mind.

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