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6 Luxury Accessories to Pair With Your LG V20

With so many accessories available for your smartphone, it’s hard to know which ones are the best. If you’re searching for luxury accessories that will add style and function to your LG V20, the following options are some of the best choices available.


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Smartwatches are impressive pieces of technology that can now do more than just tell time. When you’re searching for an elegant smartwatch that’s also incredibly functional, consider the options available from Huawei. For men, you’ll find several watches that offer a high-definition display, stainless steel casing, and leather strap. For women, Huawei has watches made with a premium rose gold case, leather strap, and Swarovski zirconia accents.

Of course, along with exceptional looks, these watches are also powerful. You can track your fitness, listen to music, access some of your favorite apps, check your email, see who’s calling or texting without having to reach for your phone.

High-Quality Phone Case

Getting a phone case to protect your phone is a given, but if you’re interested in picking up a more luxurious case, consider an OtterBox. Known for its durability, an OtterBox case can protect your phone from daily life like nothing else. This triple-layer case absorbs drops and impacts to keep your phone safe. It also features a built-in screen protector to help your screen stay flawless and brilliant. Port covers protect the jacks and ports from dirt and dust so they’ll function correctly, and there’s even an integrated holster that can work as a hands-free kickstand.

Good Headphones

Whether you travel frequently or you simply enjoy listening to music or watching videos without interruption from outside noise, you need a pair of good headphones. Over the ear headphones are best if you’re searching for ones that offer clear sound, more bass, and exceptional noise-canceling qualities.

Bose, one of the leaders in the audio industry, offers several varieties of headphones that provide excellent comfort, unsurpassed sound quality, and technology that measures outside noise and uses the opposite signal to cancel it out. You’ll also find headphones made using impact-resistant materials, so you can feel confident taking them anywhere you need to go.

Virtual Reality Headset

A virtual reality headset can change the way you view entertainment with your phone. Homido makes several varieties of headsets that are compatible with your LG V20. Simply slide your phone into one for a truly unique experience. You can play virtual reality games with life-like graphics, take virtual tours of cities around the world while relaxing in your own living room, immerse yourself in 360-degree videos, and view photos and videos with 3D graphics so clean and crisp that it will feel like you’re there.

Smart Thermostat

When you’re interested in making your house a smart home, the ideal companion to the sophisticated LG V20 from T-Mobile is a smart thermostat. Some of the popular options include Nest and ecobee. Smart thermostats from ecobee will connect to your phone using Wi-Fi. Once it’s connected, you can use your phone to change the temperature settings, whether you’re at home or in a completely different city. Plus, with T-Mobile’s fast and reliable 4G LTE network, you know you’ll always be able to adjust the temperature or check in on your system.

Bluetooth Speaker

If you enjoy listening to music with your phone, a Bluetooth speaker is an excellent accessory to have. When you’re deciding on the right speaker to get, you have two basic options. You can go for a completely wireless speaker that runs on a battery or you can opt for a speaker that operates using electricity.

From there, you can choose a speaker with even more extras. If you enjoy listening to music by the pool or when you’re outside, consider getting one that’s waterproof. If you use your speaker during parties, one that comes with an LED light show will add an exciting touch.

When you’re interested in enjoying some of the best luxurious accessories available for your LG V20, you’ll appreciate the style and function offered by these top options.


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