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Palette Picks – The Power of Colour Consistency in Interior Décor

Palette PicksChoosing a colour scheme for your home’s interiors is a chance to showcase your personality and create a special atmosphere. Colour preferences vary massively from one person to the next and what one person might consider to be classy and sophisticated, another might consider to be tacky and loud. There is no single solution for everyone. However, there are some design elements to be aware of when choosing colours.

Often, homeowners get carried away with expressing themselves through colour in their home. While there’s nothing wrong with having every room a different colour, it is important to find some cohesion to bring it all together. One of the most effective ways to eliminate that choppy feeling from room to room is to allow for some form of colour consistency to flow throughout your home and tie everything together. From blinds to furnishings, the stylistic elements of your home will always be seen as a whole. So, it’s important that you make that whole more striking than the sum of its parts.

Continue reading to learn more about the power of colour consistency in interior design and to learn how you can utilise this powerful design concept in your home.

Start With Colour Groups

A simple yet effective way to create cohesion throughout your living space is with colour groups. If you limit yourself to a selection of colours from a particular temperature family, you’ll be able to create flow from one part of the house to the next.

You might choose a cool colour scheme, incorporating colours such as greens, blues, and greys. Alternatively, you might go for warmer tones, like reds, oranges, and yellows. Remember first to consider any existing elements, such as furniture or blinds. Designers often recommend using these existing colours as a base for your palette as you move forward with the design.

Choose a Flow-Through Colour

Utilising the connected spaces between rooms helps to create flow throughout your home. Choose a neutral flow-through colour that will help to bring the colour schemes in different areas together. Pay particular attention to your hallway and main walk-through rooms as, if you maintain the same neutral colour through each of these rooms, you will have the foundations of colour consistency and flow already in place. You can then move forward with the rest of your colour choices with confidence.

Keep Sight Lines in Mind

If you’re choosing a colour scheme for one room, it’s important to pay close attention to what other spaces may influence that decision. If you’re standing in your kitchen, for example, you may have a direct line of sight into the living room. It’s important to take this into account, as having totally foreign colour schemes in rooms that share a line of sight can be distracting and lead to a look that lacks cohesion.

Get Creative in Your Enclosed Spaces

Private, enclosed rooms, such as a master bedroom or your guest bathroom, are great places to let your creative juices flow. Since they don’t share a line of sight with other rooms, the need for colour consistency is not quite the same; giving you more flexibility. Embrace your inner designer, let your imagination run wild, and choose bold, exciting colour schemes to bring the room to life.

Understand the Power of Colour Consistency

Simply being aware of the need for colour consistency throughout your home is a great starting point when choosing a colour scheme. Be sure to choose a neutral colour that will flow throughout your home and bring all of your rooms together. Be aware of colour groups and lines of sight and never be afraid to get creative, especially in your enclosed spaces.

Having a certain level of colour consistency will help you stay in control of your next interior design project and will let you express yourself in the right way. Before you know it you’ll have a colour scheme that reflects you as a person, mirrors your personality and brings out the best in your home.


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