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The Luxury Cyclist: How to Commute in Style

Luxury Cyclist

Unless you are lucky enough to live a short walk from the office, then you probably have to deal with the daily commute. This means a constant battle as you struggle to find the line between functional and fashionable clothing that allows you to commute in comfort, while still arriving at the boardroom feeling powerful and ready to take on the day.

If you walk, drive or get public transport, then you may not have this issue, but for cyclists, finding a stylish solution can seem impossible. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work, so you can enjoy a more luxurious commuting experience.

The Right Bag

Whether you need to carry a laptop or tablet, a spare change of clothes, or your essentials, a bag is a commuting must-have for cyclists. However, a briefcase or satchel aren’t the most practical of choices, as they can be difficult to carry. Instead, consider a backpack.

When it comes to style, avoid anything that is too sporty and go for something a little smarter than can take you directly from your bike into a meeting. A cotton or leather backpack – like these – will look luxurious and office appropriate, while also being super practical.

Tip: opt for black, navy or brown for a versatile backpack that will go with any outfit.

Commuter Friendly Trousers

While you could commute in your sports gear, this won’t work if you need to be office appropriate as soon as you arrive. On the other hand, run-of-the-mill trousers don’t have enough stretch for cycling and they could crease on the commute. The solution? Some commute-friendly pants.

Companies have been creating commuter pants that are designed to be comfortable and provide stretch, while still maintaining a smart, high-end, office look. This means there’s no compromise necessary, as you can roll straight off your bike to your desk.

The Folding Bike

When it comes to commuting, you need a city bike that is practical and well-built. It needs to be lightweight, to help you manoeuvre through busy commuter traffic, but you also want it to look good, to make your journey a little bit more enjoyable.

When it comes to cycling to work, arguably the ultimate commuter option is a folding bike. Able to be folded in seconds, small enough to store under your desk, and made by some of the most iconic brands, it ticks all the boxes. Plus, with electric options available, you commute could be less strenuous, preventing you from breaking out in a sweat on your way to the office.

Stylish Bike Helmets

An essential piece of kit for every cyclist, a helmet is a must to keep you safe on your daily ride. However, many helmets look far from stylish. While the most important feature of a helmet should be protection, a cheap looking helmet can make it hard to achieve a luxury commuter look.

To solve this, there’s loads of helmets that combine both eye-catching design and performance – including this selection – offering cool street style to elevate your commuter style.

Cycling to work is a great way to commute, providing numerous health benefits while also helping the environment. However, for the discerning man who also wants to look and feel amazing, you need a little luxury. Try these tips for clothing that’s both practical and stylish, to transform your commute.

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