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Men’s Tailoring That Just Won’t Quit

Men's Tailoring

We live in a time where trends come and go far too quickly. Just as you’ve bought something that’s all the rage, it’s out of date and needs to be replaced with the next latest thing. Thankfully, in a man’s wardrobe there are certain things you can rely on that are timeless -they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. You can purchase any item on this list, safe in the knowledge you’ll be wearing it for years to come.

White Button Down Shirt

It is safe to say that nearly every man will have a shirt in his wardrobe; in fact there will probably be several varying in material and colours. However, amongst all the day-to-day, work and casual attire, there has to be one, well-fitted white shirt. We don’t mean well-fitted as in skin-tight. The shirt has to be in line with your shoulders and not drown out your body. Essentially: it just has to fit you well. Whether it’s for a suit or just to dress up a pair of jeans – a simple white shirt can make such a difference in a wardrobe. You can do a French tuck, which is where you only tuck the front part in and leave the rest loose. It’s smart casual all perfectly rolled into one.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is simple, yet sophisticated. Once you buy a trench coat, you’ll have your style sussed. The sheer simplicity of the design means it will stay popular. The trench coat has been around since World War One when soldiers would wear them – you guessed it – in the trenches. They brought trench coats back with them into their everyday lives and its seamlessly transitioned into a timeless look. A neutral-coloured trench coat will never look wrong in any winter. Just because it’s raining, don’t let that dampen your style.

Navy Blue Suit

Not every man wears a suit to work, but every man should own a suit. Of course, black tends to be the go-to option, however have you considered owning a navy blue suit? This means you’ve got formal wear that doesn’t automatically translate as funeral wear. If you’re wearing a suit to an occasion, navy could be the way forward. It’s dark enough to still be smart, but with the subtle shade to give your look a little pop of colour.

Chino Shorts

Summer is a time which easily lends itself to putting on a t shirt and a baggy pair of shorts. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable in the heat, but you can look good while doing so. If you have a pair of chino shorts that fit your legs properly, it’s a simple way to smarten up your summer wardrobe. As practical as cargo shorts seem, do you really need that many pockets?

White T Shirt

No matter the season, a good white t shirt will staple together so many of your outfits. Once again it may be tempting to go for the baggier look, but looser items of clothing can actually be less flattering for your body. Just like with the white button shirt, you need a white t shirt that fits you properly. A white t shirt can be dressed up with a shirt over or bomber jacket over it, or worn with a pair of jeans and boots. It is simple but an absolute must for any man.



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