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The Bachelor’s Bane: How to Turn Your Apartment Into Somewhere Liveable

Bachelor pads

Bachelor pads are generally thought of as dirty spaces with improvised furniture and stacks of empty pizza boxes. If this is how you are living, it might be time to make some changes to turn your pad into a more liveable, stylish apartment that you can be proud of and that will steer you in a more positive mind-frame. Try these simple tips to elevate your space.

Blinds and Curtains

Blinds and curtains take up a large percentage, or at least one wall in each room, so taking a uniformed and stylish approach to them makes a huge difference in the overall design of your apartment. Having ratty, old curtains that were there when you moved in will really bring a room down and make it look a little nasty. You can pick up affordable and stylish ready made curtains easily that will lift an entire room and establish a stylistic choice.


Your home should both represent who you are and give you a comfortable space to live. Most bachelors wouldn’t feel comfortable living in a stark white, contemporarily designed apartment with pristine furnishings, so go for something that involves a stronger representation of who you are.


Furniture is practical by nature but also provides your house with set pieces that tell a story of who you are, what your hobbies might be and where you place value. A large dining table means you are ready to entertain guests for dinner parties, while small dining tables or benches give the idea that you’d rather eat casually or on the couch.

Leather and vintage pieces of furniture can look great in a bachelor pad and really bring out that strong sense of masculinity. Go searching through antique stores for old wooden and leather vintage pieces of furniture. If you need to, recovering the seats in a more modern design can create a great contrast of styles. When buying items of furniture for a bachelor pad you should be shopping with two ideas in mind – craftsmanship and comfort. Nail those and you can’t go wrong.


There something romantic and masculine about a well-crafted desk. Every young man should have a sturdy, well-made desk to work at, whether you are studying, working from home, or writing for pleasure. Set your computer up and leave room for a stylish lamp, and perhaps a row of your favourite books. A comfortable, but well-designed chair that will support your back is also essential – and try to make sure it matches the desk.

Booze and Books

Two essential items of a great bachelor pad is a bar and a library. Neither have to be all that large, the corner of a room is enough, but both serve a practical function – one holds booze, the other books – and both will add a masculine stylish element to your apartment that you will love and be able to enjoy.

A well-stocked bookshelf speaks volumes, it’s always interesting to see what books different people keep on their bookshelves, so build yourself a collection of books that represent who you are (and make sure you read them too).

A bar can be incorporated into your library design, or it can be put in a separate area of the apartment. A bar doesn’t have to be elaborately designed, but keeping some quality whiskey and some nice glasses will go a long way. And if the alcohol will last long enough, build yourself a collection of your favourite liquors to have cocktail nights.

Small apartments can be made to feel roomy and homey. The key to making a space you will love is to inject it with your personality. Make a space that has comfort and craftsmanship.




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