The World’s Most Expensive Shoes Will Set You Back $17 Million

Most Expensive ShoesThe world’s most astonishing pair of shoes, valued at a staggering $17 million, is set to debut at the illustrious Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel. This extraordinary creation is the result of a remarkable collaboration between the UAE-based brand, Jada Dubai, and Passion Jewellers. These dazzling stilettos are crafted from genuine gold, meticulously adorned with an astonishing total of 236 exquisite diamonds. Each shoe boasts two magnificent D-Flawless 15-carat diamonds, one gracing each side of the heel.
The Passion Diamond ShoesAt $17 million, The Passion Diamond Shoes is the undisputed world’s most expensive shoes. Any takers?

Images Courtesy of Jada Dubai

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