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These New Apartments Are Redefining Luxury Living

Luxury Living

Wherever you stand on the “rent versus buy” debate, there’s no denying that apartment life has its perks. With the new trend in luxury apartments sweeping the nation, there’s never been a better time to live the high life in your city of choice, mortgage free.

Leading the charge are San Francisco, Denver, and New York’s Financial District. Check out these new apartment communities offering a fresh take on city living with the finest in amenities.

The New Level of Luxury

The term new is synonymous with improved. When a new smartphone hits the market, it features additions that make it the latest and greatest product available. Apartment communities are no different.

To create a fresh angle on city living, separating themselves from cookie-cutter city apartments, these homes focus on seven different angles.

  1. Convenient Location
  2. Community Lifestyles
  3. Design and Functionality
  4. High Performance
  5. Stellar Views
  6. Special Services and Amenities
  7. Spaces for Leisure

Each aspect works together to create a one-of-a-kind locale within its respective area. Renters have near instantaneous access to public transportation as well as the area’s best features from fine dining to shopping. They enjoy purposeful designs that maximize space, eliminating the cramped feeling of yesterday’s studio apartments.

While at home, these individuals can stay fit in 24-hour state-of-the-art gyms, relax in rooftop pools overlooking the city skyline, or be waited on hand and foot in any of the communal areas. From design aspects to tech, these homes are also equipped with the finest in modern trends.

It’s a revamp from what most consider apartment living, that’s for sure. Even more surprising is the homologous application of these elements from coast to coast. Whether you’re looking for San Francisco apartments or prefer the East Coast, you’ll find the same high standards.

The Big Apple

NYC is forever on the cusp of innovation, but it came as a surprise to many when luxury homes began popping up in the Financial District. Take the 19 Dutch FIDI apartments, for example. These high-end homes offer the finest in commodities for those who live and breathe corporate life in Manhattan.

Combine that with an excess of amenities ranging from a resident’s canteen to a fitness terrace with shilled towel service, and it’s easy to see the appeal. Not only does the city offer anything you can imagine, but your home provides everything you need.

Sunny Cali

The Towers at Rincon, located in San Francisco, are another excellent example of luxe life in the city. An on-site organic grocer and dedicated car share fit the West Coast vibe, while the same rooftop and community spaces as 19 Dutch are still available.

Keyless entry systems, hardwood European floors, and individually operated central air all take apartment life in this city to a new level. Best of all, residents can enjoy a view of the bay while living blocks away from their places of employment.

These are just two premier examples of how apartment life as changed within the past decade. Homes like these are popping up across the country, offering anyone the ability to experience city life in an entirely new light.


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