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3 Rolexes in High Demand

Rolex is notorious for their commitment to perfection, more specifically towards the models that are already in production. As opposed to regularly releasing new models, the brand prefers to focus on perfecting their classic models. Each year, collectors wait with baited breath to see what their latest upgrade will be and, more often than not, the upgrades are well-received. Here are three watches from Rolex that are in high demand, typically unavailable at retail. Fortunately, Bob’s Watches has all three of these Rolexes, but here is why these three watches are so difficult to buy.

116500LN Cosmograph Daytona

A quick search of the Rolex forums and other well-known review blogs will no doubt list the Rolex Daytona ref. 116500LN at the top of their most in-demand lists. Historically, stainless steel Daytonas have always been hard to get, which many collectors speculate is due to the high production costs and low profit margin of producing a stainless steel chronograph compared to the profit margin of a precious metal variation. But what makes this Daytona so hot is the addition of a Cerachrom bezel, the first occurrence of this type of bezel on the Daytona. Along with boasting a highly resilient ceramic insert, the bezel also features a new-style Tachymeter scale, which hugs the curve of the bezel itself, as opposed to lining up alongside each hour marker. If you’ve had your heart set on purchasing a new Daytona at retail, be prepared to wait several years as Rolex produces a very limited amount. Pre-owned options are also available on the secondary market, but often demand a much higher price than retail.

116710BLNR GMT Master II

The two-tone Cerachrom bezel GMT Master II ref. 116710BLNR, or Batman as many collectors often refer to it, was released at Basel World 2013 and is another highly sought-after Rolex watch. Besides, its obvious modern appeal in the form of a more robust case, a maxi dial with a larger Chromalight display, and a new-style bracelet, the ref. 116710BLNR also boasts one of the brand’s first two-tone ceramic bezels in a striking black and blue colorway. This feature was previously thought to be too labor intensive to create, which made its debut a few years ago a very welcome surprise. The process of laying two separate ceramic colors into the bezel is incredibly involved, and Rolex has, so far, been the only brand to master it, making the two-tone ref. 116710BLNR one of the hottest watches on the market.

126710BLRO GMT Master II Pepsi

Perhaps one of the most exciting releases of Basel World 2018 was the GMT Master II ref. 126710BLRO. Newer 6-digit sports references feature a Cerachrom bezel insert. As previously mentioned, creating a two-tone variant of this bezel was previously thought to be impossible. After the emergence of the Batman GMT, collectors anxiously awaited the reappearance of the line’s beloved red and blue Pepsi bezel in Cerachrom and, just this year, Rolex delivered. Similar to the classic Pepsi GMT, the case is worn on a Jubilee bracelet with a refined, more solid construction and a folding Oysterlock safety clasp, toeing the line between a classic and a modern GMT Master II.

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