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5 Proven Ways to Deal with Hair Loss in Women

Deal with Hair Loss There is nothing that is more disturbing to the female folk than decreasing hair volume and a sparse hairline. Probably because it takes away much of what may be called the aesthetics of an individual. There is the normal hair loss whereby one loses 50 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. However, it should be a cause for alarm if the rate of hair loss you are experiencing is threatening to leave you bald. In as much as one of the reasons for hair loss is genetic, the following are five of the most effective ways to deal with hair loss.

  1. Refrain from hairstyles that stress the hairline

If your ponytail is doing more of breaking your hair than flattering your cheekbones, it is about time you got rid of it. Ponytails, cornrows, and braids are some of the hairstyles that damage the hairline by pulling on the tiny hairs that make it up. If you really have to pull an Ariana Grande ponytail, then you might have to consider using elastic that do not contain metals. By so doing, you will prevent your hair from being tangled in the elastic: which will eventually lead to breakage during removal.

  1. Avoid hair tools that use high heat

Heat is harsh on hair and is a culprit for weakening and causing damage of the hair shaft. If you really have to use a straightener or a blow-dryer make sure that you do not focus the heat too much on one particular area. You can turn to alternatives like letting your hair dry naturally. More so, get yourself a suitable heat resistant hairspray as it will reduce the impact of heat on your hair.

  1. Chemical processing is harmful to your hair

Do not make chemical processing a routine for your hair. Just like heat, it is harsh to your strands. Something you might not know is that most of the hair processing treatments at your salon could cost you your hair. To prevent and stop hair loss, stay away from chemically processing your hair, lightening your hair or even bleaching it. Learn to appreciate your natural hair color and style, and you will live to reap the benefits by having a fantastic hairline and hair volume.

  1. Revise your diet.

Rejuvenate your thinning strands by consuming healthier foods. Foods rich in minerals such as zinc and iron and vitamin B12 are perfect for the job. You will also need to be a friend to proteins such as fish, beans, and nuts. If balancing the diet proves to be a little bit too much, you could work with dietary supplements as they will work equally well.

  1. Purchase hair products that will help your hair grow.

Do not be too stingy. You might have to part with a couple of notes for you to get quality products. If you want to restore the growth and health of your hair, you should start by ensuring that your bathroom has the right products for your hair. Some of these may be a little steep when it comes to their pricing. However, with such, you can rest assured that the products will work for your hair.

When you visit the store, pay attention to the stickers as they usually specify when a product is suitable for a particular hair type. Not all products on the shelf will be okay for your hair. In some cases, you might have to consult your hairdresser.

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