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Beyond the Bouquet: Top Ideas for a Floral Wedding Theme

Floral Wedding Theme
Sometimes, as a bride you want your big day to be as special and as elegant as possible. While multiple factors can help towards making your day better, one of the biggest aspects is the theme. More and more brides are opting for unique ideas these days meaning we have to keep up with the trends before advising others on what to choose. Floral is a pattern and wedding theme that is totally in right now, beyond the bouquet you walk down the aisle with, there are so many other elements to your wedding you can add floral too. You may not even realize, they’re that obvious! JJ’s House designer, Jessica, knows a thing or two about weddings and especially planning them. She knows her stuff and loves a good floral print which only means one thing, she’s given us a list of the top ideas for a floral wedding theme and how you can achieve it – no matter your budget.

Save the Dates and Invitations

Perhaps you’ll want to use floral prints on your save the date cards and invitations, you could use the same print but design it differently on both cards to make them look a little different but as though as work as a pair together. Try pastel colors such as blue or pink, and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful invitation with floral patterns all over it. If you’re wanting to save money, you can design an invitation online rather than getting a company or business to do it for you. Get yourself a stock image of a floral print, and you’ll be ready to go. Get your creative hat on though as you’ll need all the imagination possible if you’re creating your own style.

Venue Decorations (Table Cards and Center Pieces)

Think about the floral print you chose carefully for your invitations and attempt to make them come to life with your venue decorations. If you’ve used roses or lilies on your invitations, then you could get the real thing and floral up your wedding even more. The smell of flowers always seems to brighten up our day and they’re a beautiful way of showing love between a couple on your wedding day. Pop the floral print on the table cards too! You can have an endless amount of fun with it.


It’s not uncommon for couples to opt for a floral wedding cake, one that matches the previous two aspects above would be perfect as they keep within a theme. Try to stick to one type of flower, even if they’re different colors. Depending if you’re traditional or not, you may have a white iced cake, even if you do this you can still have the floral print without any color – that often looks amazing.


From the bridal gown itself to the white flower girl dresses, you want everything to align perfectly. A beautiful touch for any dress (especially the flower girl dress) is to incorporate petals into the gown. You may not want to do this as a bride, but laced detail always works nicely too.

Shoes and Accessories

One of our favorite part of the bridal outfit is finding the most fantastic pair of heels to match with your dress and add some accessories. Brides often choose to keep their accessories minimal (such as only wearing a necklace or bracelet), but you can add anything you want as long as you think it matches with the floral pattern of your theme. Sometimes couples ask their bridesmaids to wear floral bracelets which are always a lovely addition to an outfit.

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