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Melbourne, Australia – A Destination of Style and Culture

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia… it’s a bustling yet entirely livable city full to the brim with cosmopolitan vibes and multicultural persuasions. Perhaps mostly importantly, it’s the ideal place to visit in order to experience a ‘next level’ sophistication, and that touch of artistic inspiration. Here’s how to ‘do Melbourne’…in the utmost style!

Find the ‘perfect pad’

Melbourne is a destination that offers so much, from the scintillating city skylines, to the colourfully iconic beachside jaunts of St Kilda. However, you should secure that ‘perfect pad’ in order to ‘take it all in’. It is easy enough to find centralised and comfortable places to stay that offer all the services of a luxury hotel, such as this North Melbourne accommodation. From there, you can take advantage of Melbourne’s ‘hop, skip and jump’ public transport system to enjoy all that this diverse city has to offer!

Plan your events calendar

Melbourne has such a busy cultural and entertainment scene that sometimes it can be a savvy decision to pre book and plan events…well before you arrive. Perhaps you are looking to enjoy a spot of theatre? You will always find an enticing line-up of live performances (from dramatic ensembles to musicals) located at many of the cultural hubs dotted throughout the city precincts.

Some of the prime venues for arts and entertainment in Melbourne include ‘Her Majesty’s Theatre’, ‘Arts Centre Melbourne’ and ‘Malthouse Theatre’. For those that really appreciate the finer things in life, fabulous jazz clubs abound, alongside a very sumptuous choice of pre-theatre dining options! Then, there are the world class events that Melbourne is so famous for. Of course, (among a host of these) we are talking about the ‘race that stops the nation’… The Melbourne Cup.

Expect the unexpected

That being said, there are always plenty on opportunities to enjoy experiences ‘on the fly’ when it comes to things to see and do in Melbourne. It’s a city where so much happens on the daily that you can find yourself enjoying live music in a laid-back laneway, stumbling upon amazing architecture and public art, or enjoying some tasty street food in a lush park… without even having to put an ‘ounce of thought’ into the equation!

The overall vibe of Melbourne is dynamic (and even cutting-edge)…especially when it comes to displays of artistic and culinary talents! There are no shortage of festivals, street theatre ensembles, buskers and street musicians, ‘pop up’ events and, of course… it seems like those ‘uber-cool’ food trucks can now be found on almost every corner.

Shop for the occasion

If you are visiting Melbourne, you will surely want to do it in style. This is a city with a massive appreciation for aesthetics, particularly of the avant-garde variety. So, you will surely want to ‘soak that all up’. Plus, as you have probably heard it said before, there’s nothing quite like the shopping in Melbourne! From high end boutiques and department stores, to fashion chains and outlet shopping, to local designer and market finds…you will find an array of styles to suit any taste or occasion.

A great idea if you are feeling lost in the whirlwind of Melbourne’s overwhelming commercial offerings is to book an organised shopping tour. And, after ‘shopping up that storm’, you might just want to take some time out for yourself in one of Melbourne’s many day spas and beauty salons, and get yourself suitably ‘primped and preened’ in the process.

A destination of style and culture

Melbourne… it’s not been hailed ‘Australia’s most livable city’ for no reason! It’s the ideal place to visit when you need your next fix of style and culture. For a sprawling holiday spent immersed in the many sights, to even just a long-weekend getaway… there’s always a reason to add Melbourne as a ‘bucket list’ destination to your upcoming travel plans.


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