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Private Chefs For Unique Meals And Mykonian Delicacies

Mykonos Villa

Among the very specialized concierge services you will find available in Mykonos, one that stands out and will turn your meals into majestic gastronomy experiences is hiring a private chef.

Your chef is not only there to prepare something for you and your friends to eat. He will talk with you, he will listen to all your dietary preferences, your likes and dislikes and he will prepare the most suitable dishes for your taste. Private chefs are not just cooks with a specific menu, they are well trained personnel who can create dishes according to your likes and match different tastes and flavors as you wish.

A private chef can be hired for many occasions. He can take care of all your daily meals at your Mykonos Villa, he can come with you on board at your private yacht, he can prepare all the dishes for your private party or a BBQ or he can create the perfect menu for a romantic dinner for two. He will also be able to suggest the right wine for each occasion or dish and, if you feel like it, he can even give you private cooking lessons.

  • Book your private Villa with chef services

A very convenient way to have your own chef for the whole duration of your holidays is to rent one of the Mykonos Luxury Villas that offer concierge services, including chef services like MLV.VILLAS. You can make your Mykonos Villa feel like an actual luxury home, with interesting flavors and fresh made meals.

Even if you rent a Villa without chef services included, you can search among the specialized agencies on the island and hire a private chef. In case you have a big number of guests you can hire a whole team of chefs. In Mykonos, culinary satisfaction is a top priority and exclusive services have been developed to achieve it.

Give your chef full instructions of what you expect or like and leave the rest on him. He will amaze you with original, fresh dishes, beautifully presented at your private dining table.

  • BBQ with your private chef

If you rent a Mykonos Villa, you will have a big garden with a BBQ. Ask your private chef to prepare a BBQ menu for you and your friends and enjoy a relaxing time at your garden, sunbathing or swimming while the triggering smells from the grilled food prepare your senses for a tasteful meal.

This is a great opportunity to try Mykonos’ fresh fish and seafood. Your chef can get the fish of your choice from the local market and cook it on your grill. You will find out fresh fish and BBQ is a unique combination, especially if the cook is an experienced chef and the fish has just been collected from the ocean.

  • Yacht cruise with meals on a private beach

Private cruises with a luxury yacht are also an upcoming trend in Mykonos. There is a wealth of beautiful yachts to rent, in different decoration styles and capacities. Luxury yachts always come with a full crew and the skilled skipper can take you anywhere around the island or the serene beaches of Delos and Rhenia.

To make your private cruise more unforgettable, you can hire a chef to come with you and take care of your meals. You can ask your skipper to stop at a remote beach without any other visitors around and your chef to cook for you and your friends on the sand.

  • Mykonian delicacies

Cheese: Mykonos produces some very tasteful cheeses in small local farms. You should try Tyrovolia, Xinotyro and the famous spicy Kopanisti cheese.

Sweets: Amygdalota are small local sweets with almonds and Kalathakia are a kind of little tarts. You can also try Loukoumi, which is produced in other parts of Greece as well but here you will find it in a big variety of flavors and colors.

Wines: Mykonos has a perfect climate for grapes; therefore the quality of local wines is very high. Mavri Kountoura with a deep red color is the most widespread local wine but you will find many more to try, such as Kouforogo (white), Xeromachairouda (red or white), Serfiotiko, Potamisi (red or white), Askatharia (red) and Pariano. You will find them in small quantities and they are not sold anywhere outside the island.



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