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Classy Gifts for a Classy Gal Like Grandma

Classy GalGrandma’s mean so much to the family. As the matriarch of the family, she is often the glue that keeps everyone together. Every moment you spend with her is a memory you won’t soon forget. Her love, support, and kindness have helped you to become the person you are today. So, when an opportunity comes up to show her how much she means to you, there’s no doubt you want to take it.

Whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, the holidays, or simply because giving grandma a gift is something she’ll appreciate for all time. Just what do you get such a classy lady like your grandmother? Here are some luxury yet meaningful ideas below:


If there was ever a competition of who has worked the hardest in their lifetimes, grandmothers would win hands down. If you’d really like to show her how much she’s appreciated, send her on a nice relaxing getaway. Spiritual retreats, for example, are really ideal. They are hosted in beautiful destinations where other like-minded guests come to cleanse their minds, bodies, and spirits. She’ll love the time away and can come back feeling refreshed inside and out.

Engraved or Personalized Jewelry

Everyone gets jewelry for a grandma because it’s the perfect gift idea. You can take yours up a notch, however, by having the jewelry engraved or personalized. A gold and diamond locket with a picture of the grandkids inside is a nice touch. You could also have her initials engraved inside a watch or ring. Or perhaps spring for an item of jewelry like a charm bracelet and purchase charms in each family member’s birthstone.

Designer Bag

There’s not a grandma in the world who doesn’t have an oversized bag in her arms. You’re always too afraid to see what’s in there for yourself, but she has everything from peppermint candies to a small first aid kit inside. As you know purses are very personal for grandmothers, so you can surprise her with a designer bag. There are so many luxury brands that create large bags perfect to fit whatever it is she has in there. Try to go with a neutral color since many grandmas stick with the same bag for some time.

Furry Friend

If grandma is often in the home on her own you can give her the gift of companionship. A cute little pup or kitten will brighten up her days. While popular breeds can cost several hundred or thousand dollars, you can always look into adopting one from a nearby animal shelter.


Lots of grandmas collect antique and vintage items. They are placed around the house for aesthetic appeal and decor and later to be passed down to their children. Give grandma something she’ll love. Whether it’s an antique china set or an old grandfather clock, she’ll hang onto it for years to come.

Home Services

Whether your grandma is always on the move or prefers to stay home most of the time you can give her the gift of convenience. Hire a cleaning service to clean the house from top to bottom or maintain it on a weekly basis. Another idea would be to enroll her in a meal delivery service where pre-prepped meals will be shipped to her door for easier cooking. Whether you do it once or continue purchasing these services for her, she’ll greatly appreciate the gesture and saved time.

Grandma means the world to you. Although you’ll likely never be able to repay her for all the great and amazing things she’s done for you and your family, you can periodically let her know how appreciative you really are. Consider the above classy gift ideas for the classy grandma in your life, chances are she’ll appreciate whichever one you choose.


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