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Spanish Cabrales Cheese Sells For Over $16K At Auction

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An artisan blue cheese from the Valfríu cheese factory weighting 5.78 lb (2.62 kg) has reached the eye-watering sum of €14,300 (approx. $16,223.99) at auction in Spain. Called the Cabrales, the artisan cheese is made from raw cow, goat and sheep milk, and spends three to six months in the caves of Picos de Europa, with weekly rubbing and turning to encourage the maturating process. Ivan Suarez, owner of restaurant Llagar de Colloto in Spain who won the final bid has been working with the Valfríu cheese factory and orders from them every week.

“There seemed to be no limit to the bidding, and it lasted for almost two hours,” a Valfríu cheese factory spokesperson said in the Guinness press release. “The audience was very lively and applauded incessantly. The peak moment was when the figure of €10,000 [about $11,328] was surpassed, which was when we realized that we were on the way to the record.”

What do you think of? Fancy tasting the most expensive cheese in the world?


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