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Must-Have Features When Buying a New Luxury Home

Luxury Property

You’re ready to move out of your starter home for more space or a new neighborhood. You’ve gone over the list of requirements such as budget, location, must have amenities, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’d prefer, but when it comes down to the bells and whistles, chances are you haven’t the slightest idea what you’d like.

When you’re investing in property dreaming big is recommended. Designed to provide convenience and increase the value of the investment, your realtor can help you find luxury homes that come with just about any high-quality amenities and features you can think of. Below, are a few you might consider.

Security System

Though many luxury homes are located in a gated or highly secured area, burglaries happen everywhere. To help you feel safe in your new home, it is highly recommended that you install a home security system. Choose a system which allows remote viewing and instant notifications to ensure you can keep eyes on your property from anywhere in the world. Some of the must have security features include wireless security systems with cameras, motion sensors, and floodlights keep suspicious characters at bay.

Home Automation Features

Speaking of technology, home automation has become increasingly popular for homeowners. The idea that your devices can all be connected, synced, and operated in an instant makes life so much more convenient. If you’re interested in such a luxury, talk to your real estate agent about looking into newly developed luxury properties with home automation built in already. This means the property has been wired to remotely control lighting, security features, music, temperature controls, and television or video.

Central Air

Say good-bye to the window air conditioning units and box fans. Now that you’re moving into a luxury home, central air should be a given. This keeps the entire house cool a lot more conveniently, so be sure to ask as you’re searching houses.

Heated Floors

Why walk around on cold floors if you don’t have to? Perfect for cold winter seasons, heated floors keep the house cozy and your feet warm. This is a luxury feature that’s worth looking into.


Whether classic and brick or modern and stone, a fireplace serves as the heart of the home. If it’s luxury you’re after, you’ll want to have this feature in your new home.

Walk-In Closets

The more storage you have in the home the less cluttered your luxury home will look and feel. While you may not need it in every room, having walk-in closets in the master bedroom is a luxury you’ll quickly be trying to fill up.

Ensuite Bathroom

There’s nothing like having your very own bathroom. A space that no one else uses where you can relax, unwind, and escape. Many master bathrooms have features that include a large tub, glass shower, double sinks, and a vanity area.

Finished Basement

If the luxury home you’re interested in has a basement, it should be completely finished. Basements serve as bonus rooms. They can be turned into a home office, man or woman cave, playroom, family room, or be used as a rental for extra income.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space is an extension of your luxury home. Be sure to check out the yard when looking at properties for sale. It should, at the very least, be a well-manicured lawn spacious enough for outdoor entertainment. However, if you want to dream big, look for properties with pools, decks, screened-in porches, patios, outdoor kitchens, gardens, ponds, sports courts, etc.

When you purchased your first home, it was all about affordability, practicality, and convenience. While those factors should definitely still be considered, it’s alright to raise the bar as you shop for your new luxury home. Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas of what to look and ask for during your next search.

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