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8 of the Most Expensive Sneakers You Can Still Buy Today

Sneakers were originally designed as a comfortable means of getting from one place to another. In the beginning, there weren’t any collaborations between brands, rare colorways, or redesigns that made use of expensive materials. High end price tags were reserved for finely crafted dress shoes and women’s heels, not sneakers.

That remained true for some time, but nobody could expect the sneaker industry to turn into what it is today. And we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill designer kicks. We’re talking about those super rare and iconic collaborations that were released in tiny quantities, subsequently leading to the creation of the reseller market.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 8 sneakers that fetch insane prices on websites such as StockX and GOAT, where asking prices often blow any luxury fashion house out of the water.

Nike Mag 2016Nike Mag 2016

The Nike Mag is perhaps one of the most well-known and recognizable sneakers that sell for as much as your average sedan. The 2016 version is of course based on the iconic pair that we all saw in Back To The Future II. While cinematic tricks were used to create the auto-lacing and lighting effects of the 80’s model, the 2016 Mag is the real deal.

Since it took 30 years of technological innovation for us to catch up with the concept, it should come as no surprise that the Mag sold in very low quantities and at very high prices. To get your hands on a new pair, you had to enter a raffle that was limited to less than 100 units. Despite their high original asking price, they still sold out in seconds.

To buy a pair of Nike Mags today, you’ll need anything from $50,000 to $100,000 – and that’s only if you can find one in your size, since most people who currently have them probably keep their pair locked away in a display case.

DJ Khaled Air Jordan 3 CollaborationDJ Khaled Air Jordan 3

The Jordan brand is well-known among sneakerheads as one to sell collaboration editions in frustratingly low quantities. DJ Khaled’s “Grateful” edition is no exception, and you’ll have to fork out anything from $16,000 to $25,000 to get your hands on a pair today.

Their striking red, white and black colorway, elephant-print details, and association with the famous producer make them highly desirable among wealthy hip-hop and sneaker enthusiasts. It’s safe to say that if another drop is happening any time soon, having a go at buying a retail pair would be a good idea.

Nike Air Force 1 High VLONENike Air Force 1 High VLONE

The collaborative partnership between Nike and A$AP Bari was cut short when the rapper faced sexual assault allegations, thus leading to their products becoming an immediate scarcity. This became apparent in the first drop, which was a pair of Air Force 1s in the low-cut silhouette, which fetched resale prices of around $1,500.

But it was the AF1’s high-top successor that really caught sneakerhead’s eyes. A measly 20 pairs were released in a raffle at a Nike store in Paris. While there was plenty of speculation that another release would follow, the sneaker community soon realized that those 20 pairs would be the only ones to ever hit the market.

If you happen to come across a pair of Nike Air Force 1 High’s from the ditched partnership, you can expect to pay around $8,000. But what is perhaps the most interesting detail of the collaboration are the photos which showed a pair of Nike Vandals adorned in the VLONE branding. Nothing ever came of it, so we might never know who truly has them.

Nike Air Jordan 11 JeterNike Air Jordan 11 Jeter

When New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter partnered up with Nike to create his own version of the Jordan 11’s, it should come as no surprise that the sneaker became one of the rarest of all time. Only five pairs were ever released as a commemoration of the baseball player’s retirement.

To be the first to get your hands on one of these five velvet-covered pairs, you had to enter a scratch-off auction near the Yankee Stadium. If you want to pick up a pair for yourself today, there are three known Jordan 11’s on sale at consignment stores in the US. Asking price? Anything from $30,000 to $50,000.

Jordan 1 OFF-WHITEJordan 1 OFF-WHITE

The 2017 partnership between OFF-WHITE creator Virgil Abloh and Nike was one of the most major collaborations in sneaker history. Many iconic silhouettes, including the Air Max 97, Air Force 1 and Vapormax were revamped by the Louis Vuitton creative director. But Virgil’s work on the Jordan 1 is perhaps the most revered.

The original “Chicago” colorway was fittingly chosen and Virgil went to work, revamping the sneaker using his infamous deconstruction process. The result was highly desirable and you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for a resold pair today.

Other silhouettes that were included in the collaboration are also fetching rather high prices, so it’s safe to say that any future partnerships between OFF-WHITE and Nike are worth looking out for. The future Jordan 1 releases will be posted on thesolesupplier.co.uk if you want to be the first to know. They list all of the upcoming drops so you won’t miss out on any upcoming releases.

Buscemi 100 MM DiamondBuscemi 100 MM Diamond

This sneaker is a bit of an oddity on our list, as its insane price tag of $132,000 wasn’t being asked by resellers. That was simply what Buscemi decided to sell it for. Granted, it does contain 11.5 carats of diamonds enveloped in 18 karats of gold on its luxurious leather upper, but you’d at least expect a free car to go with it, or even just a goody bag?

Adidas NMD R1 F&FAdidas NMD R1 F&F

“Friends and Family” is what Adidas likes to call the shoes they only sell to specific people, such as celebrities or employees within the company. So, it should come as no surprise that any pair with the F&F namesake is extremely rare. The NMD R1 F&F is no exception, fetching an average resale price of around $10,000.

To be fair, this specific pair was only given out to the design team responsible for its creation. If you want a classic NMD with a slightly less exclusive nature, the NMD R1 “Pitch Black” might be a better bet. Provided you have around $5000 to spare, anyway.

Adidas NMD HU Pharrell Williams F&FAdidas NMD HU Pharrell Williams F&F

Since we’re on the topic of rare Adidas sneakers, what few were released in the F&F lineup from the sportswear brand’s collaboration with Pharell Williams are even more expensive than any pair of NMD R1’s. The Maroon colorway fetches around $12,000 resell, while the Shock Pink colorway will shave around $15,000 off your net worth.

If you’re a millionaire, that’s a small price to pay to don something created by one of the best-dressed men of our time. But if you’re a mere mortal, perhaps a standard NMD HU x Pharell Williams sneaker is more your thing. Fortunately, this year saw the release of a number of different colorways with the same silhouette in the ongoing collaboration.

As you can see, spending a measly $1000 on a pair of Balenciagas is by no means a “hard flex” compared to these sneakers. If you’re interested, be sure to look out for signs of a future collaboration. You might just score and be able to sell a $300 pair of shoes to someone for tenfold that price.

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