The Private Island From Fyre Festival Can Be Yours for $11.8 Million

Saddleback CaySaddleback Cay, the private island used to promote the failed Fyre Festival is on sale for a whooping $11.8 million. The 35-acre island located in the northernmost section of the Exuma Cays, has a protected bay, seven beaches, and a 500-square-foot cottage with 2 bathrooms. Accessible by boat or air from New Providence, the island is undoubtedly beautiful and main value derives from its potential development.

The island was promoted heavily on social media by influencers like Kendal Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid , Emily Ratajkowski and other celebs. Well if you didn’t get a ticket to the infamous Fyre Festival, you can now buy the island. Any takers for this Caribbean getaway?

Image Courtesy of HG Christie

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