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5 Must Haves For Your Next Trip

Travel Must-HavesSome say the anticipation of a vacation is just as exciting as the trip itself. You have found the perfect destination, the room is booked, and you have been dreaming of all the sites you will see. The countdown has started. There is only one task left between you and your perfect getaway. Packing. We are here to help. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting the mountains, the beach, or a beautiful countryside village, here are five items you should not leave home without:

  1. Comfortable shoes are a must. Make sure to pack shoes that look and feel great. You never know where your vacation may take you. It is important your shoes will allow you to get there, without causing blisters and other discomfort when you’re out walking miles each day, exploring your favorite vacation spot.
  1. A book you cannot put down. Vacations can start with a wait at the airport, hours on a plane, or a drive in the car. Picking up the perfect book is a great addition to any vacation. Laying on the beach or curled up in a cabin watching the fire are all perfect moments to get lost in a book. Most of us have busy lives full of noise. There is no better way to clear your mind than cracking open your favorite mystery, romance or adventure.
  1. The perfect bikini. There have been many times we have arrived at our destination to find there is a pool or hot tub begging us to dive in. We always pack a bathing suit at the beach but some of us can forget to grab one if we are headed to the mountains or countryside. Be ready for the unexpected. You never want to miss an experience because you don’t have a bikini tops and bottoms you feel confident it. You have worked hard for this trip so make sure you enjoy it to its fullest.
  1. Sunglasses. Vacations are often spent outside, taking in natural beauty or catching a brunch outdoors downtown. Sunglasses will help you enjoy your time outside even more. Make sure they are comfortable, secure, and lightweight. From snow, to sandy beaches a great pair of sunglasses will ensure your comfort.
  1. Moisturizer. Traveling around you will notice the water can be different from place to place. The humidity or lack thereof. Even the air quality makes a difference in our skin. Always include a great lotion when packing for an upcoming trip to ensure your skin is glowing no matter where you travel. Make sure you choose a moisturizer with sunscreen for extra protection. Dry skin can make us all uncomfortable, and that doesn’t have to be. Make sure to apply lotion after your shower and your skin will feel and look radiant.

All good trips start with good planning. Make sure everything you pack is comfortable, fun, and easy to use. From choosing the perfect bikini top to shoes to a great novel make sure you set the tone for the trip you want to have. You have worked hard for this getaway, and you’ll want to make sure each item packed will only enhance your experience.

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