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Tips for Moms Who Want to Further Their Careers

Tips for MomsAt some point in time, most working mothers have either scaled back their time at work, decreased the amount of effort put into work projects, or left their career to stay at home for a period of time. If you are ready to jump back into your job headfirst, try these tips to get you back in the game and advance your career.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Positive growth occurs when we push our limits. Playing it safe only leads to familiar results. In order to promote professional growth, you are going to have to take chances in your career field. Whether you decide to go back to school to obtain a bachelor of architecture or you jump into a brand new IT project, make the decision to commit and follow through. Don’t be discouraged by discomfort; this feeling indicates you’re venturing beyond the familiar. This is a necessary part of furthering your career.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

All too often, we get caught up in the emotions of the moment. If we don’t get the results that we want immediately, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that something will never work out or we should just stop trying. Big results are typically the result of small changes over a period of time. Consistency is key. Remember what your ultimate goal is and make the effort to take small, committed steps to reach it.

Start Delegating

Working moms can’t do it all. Creating a work-life balance is a mere illusion, and one of these areas usually suffers at the cost of the other. Make the balance a bit more proportionate by asking for some help. Whether you need your husband to distract the kids while you work or you need to invest in a housekeeper, take the initiative to ask for what you need. This also goes for work-related tasks. Don’t be afraid to outsource and create structure in your own workspace.

Stay Positive

As a working mother, it is easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. After all, you are trying to balance your career success with motherhood. Always remember how far you have come, what you have accomplished, and the steps that you have taken to be successful. As cliche as it may sound, you can do anything that you put your mind to. There will be obstacles, but they are part of the learning process. Stick with it!

Set Boundaries

Don’t allow yourself to become so overwhelmed that you are defeated. Set healthy boundaries. These are different for everyone, but they all accomplish the same goal. If you work too much at night, turn off your email notifications after you leave the office. If you spend too much time at PTA events, set a time limit so that you can get back to work at a planned time. Know your limits and take steps to protect the integrity of your career choice and parental role.

Never Stop Growing

One of the most dangerous thoughts that an employee can have is that they have reached an unsurpassed level of success. There is always something more to be learned. Take classes. Seek help from a mentor. Attend seminars. Continue to thirst for knowledge regarding your chosen career field. Even if the knowledge that you are gaining does not contribute to your current career, you can use it for future endeavors and enhanced knowledge in your career field as a whole. This makes you a well-rounded employee who is valued by your employers.

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