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Tips for Traveling to an Exotic Destination

Exotic DestinationSummer may be ending, but there’s still time for an exotic getaway. Whether you dream of backpacking in Thailand or roughing it in the Australian Outback, exotic travel will spark your imagination and widen your horizons. Here are five essential tips for making your journey a success.

1. Make Sure Your Devices are Usable

You might have a travel blog or social media account where you plan to post the highlights from your trip. If so, it’s essential to make sure your devices are usable abroad. This is true even if you’re not planning on posting any content from your travels since the ability to communicate with the outside world via mobile device is something we take for granted.

When traveling someplace exotic, there’s no guarantee your device will connect to the local mobile network. A SIM card for cellular connectivity around the world can eliminate this uncertainty. This technology gives you the option to use your mobile device from anywhere, enabling travelers to journey to the ends of the earth and back again without losing their connection.

2. Pack Efficiently

Exotic destinations call for efficient packing. You may have pack clothes suited for your adventure, like waterproof pants and sun-repellent shirts. And, depending on where you’re traveling, you might need to bring preventative medicine against diarrhea or Malaria.

On top of that, you’ve also got guidebooks, language guides, and toiletries to pack. How are you going to fit all that in your suitcase?

Many people swear by packing cubes for travel. These usually come in sets of six or seven and help you to organize your socks from your swimsuits. You can pack either by category of item or by outfit. The choice is up to you. Once you’ve finished packing your cubes, you can bring any remaining ones to put your dirty clothes in.

3. Prepare for Layovers and Flight Delays

Be ready for the inevitable. Travel to faraway destinations usually involves some degree of layover and delay. Download any podcasts, playlists, and movies you plan to listen to or watch before you leave. Bring a book or some playing cards to keep yourself entertained, and pack a travel pillow so you can nap if you need to.

Don’t neglect your skincare routine during travel. Airplane cabin air is really dry, so it’s important to wash your face and moisturize before your flight to avoid “airplane skin.” Consider taking a mini bottle of body lotion with you so you can reapply it every time you wash your hands.

4. Get Your Visa and Inoculations

Depending on where you’re traveling, you might need to fill out some visa paperwork and get some shots. Different countries have different visa requirements, and the processing time can range from a few weeks to a few months. Plan ahead to make sure all your documents get in on time.

Some vaccinations require more than one shot. Find this out well in advance of your trip and ask your doctor if you’re not sure.

5. Be Smart About Safety

Travel to far-flung destinations involves some amount of risk. Buy travel insurance to be on the safe side. You can also check the US State Department’s travel advisories page for the advisories related to your destination country. When you’re out and about, practice street smarts. Don’t leave your bag or wallet unattended, and don’t carry valuables with you. Pickpockets are common in public squares and tourist areas.

You’re prepared for a good time. Be smart, safe, and enjoy your trip. You might come back with a tan and some adventure stories to share with friends and family.

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