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Functional Room Decor for Modern Living

Functional Room DecorFunctional decor with a modern touch is simply the next big thing in home decor. Those who want to be on the cutting edge of style and technology should consider the following additions that could work in many rooms in your home, depending on what you want.

Home Speakers

Home speakers have usually been a little intrusive, making it hard to incorporate into a room. Don’t fret, there are now Bluetooth home speakers that are unassuming and don’t have those unsightly wires. You could even opt for designs that don’t even appear to be speakers at first-glance. This enables every room in the house to have access to quality audio without taking anything away from the existing decor.

Air Purifiers

More companies are worried about making sure their gadgets are not only useful but also look beautiful in a room. The air purifiers of today have become much simpler and don’t need purification filters, thanks to NASA spinoff technology. These are much smaller, and the design could be a lot more liberal. It is easy to find air purifiers that look like modern art, even though you know they’ll be cleaning your air getting rid of mold spores, bacteria, and much more.

Towel Warmers

Gone are the days where you had to warm your towels on a huge metal rack or near a radiator. There are now much more effective heaters that are smaller and have been designed to fit with the rest of the decor in the restroom. Try to look for towel warmers that have a more Scandinavian look if you prefer a minimalist approach, which is quite popular in today’s home decor.

Modern Fireplaces

Fireplaces have always been something only a few homes could enjoy due to all the ash and wood needed. This is no longer the case because there are now bioethanol-fed fireplaces that don’t need wood. These fireplaces don’t produce smoke, so it can be turned on within walls or even glass. The possibilities are endless, and your home’s decor is going to look much more interesting.

Framed Digital Art

One type of decor that is making a difference in homes are framed digital art pieces. Here is where homeowners can share pictures they have in their cloud. The frame can change the picture from time to time. You could also change what is displayed, switching from personal photographs you’ve taken to pictures you simply like or art pieces you want to be displayed in your home from time to time. You can add as many digital portraits as you want.

Marquee Signs

Digital marquee signs or displays are another great option to consider. These signs can be controlled by an app and could display everything, such as an inspirational quote for the day that you could read or your family can enjoy. You could also make the board display things that are on the calendar so that you won’t forget that important appointment of the day.

Digital Planters

Some people don’t know how to take care of a plant while others just overlook maintenance, and the plant ends up suffering. This is the reason digital planters might be the way to go. Most of these have been designed to fit most decor choices and will tell you all you need to know about the plant from soil health to moisture needs. It’ll be connected to your phone, and it will tell you when you need to act.

These are just some things you can expect from today’s modern home decor functional pieces. Allow yourself to choose pieces that speak to you.

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