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The World’s Most Expensive Belt Will Set You Back $77,000

British designer Christopher Shellis introduced the world’s most expensive belt priced at an eye-watering £60,000 or about $76,933USD at current exchange rates. Intended to be formal wear, the belt weighs 300 grams and is 30mm thick, is made from solid platinum and 18 carat gold studs and encrusted with 60 diamonds.Most Expensive Belt

The unisex belt is also emblazoned with the Fleur-de-Lys with B in the centre, representing the designer’s company, House of Borgezie.

“The Fleur de Lys belt and buckle designed and created by Christopher Shellis (House of Borgezie) was inspired by the Golden Age of the Elizabethan era, starting from the Coronation of Elizabeth I in 1558. This was a time of gallantry etiquette and impeccable style, especially among the inner courtiers of the Queen, such as Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake to name but a few.” said Christopher Shellis.

Along with this eye-wateringly platinum version, the designer unveiled also a solid silver version that’s somewhat more accessible at £750 (approx. $960 USD).

For sales enquiries be sure to visit House of Borgezie’s website.

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