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13 Ways to Make Any Room Look More Expensive

We’ve all come across a truly grand home, one where every element seems to be equal parts luxurious and purposeful. It’s a rare kind of property, with a lavish but still tasteful interior. When it comes to replicating that design language within your own abode, it usually doesn’t take long to reach a rather expensive roadblock.

Cloudy couches, furry rugs, and sparkling chandeliers can quickly tear through your wallet. To make matters worse, finishing one room could leave you with a handful of others that no longer look up-to-standard. That is unless you follow the tried-and-tested methods for elevating the look and feel of a room – without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to lounge in style, cook with class or shower with sophistication, read on to discover 13 ways to make any room look more expensive.

Rooms that look like they’re fitted with expensive curtains are characterized less by elaborate designs or fancy materials and more by precision. When your curtains fit their space, the room they’re in looks far more bespoke and luxurious. Make an even bigger impact by upgrading to more substantial hardware and using drapes that reach the floor.
Decorative Molding

Decorative molding is an effective way to make a room appear more elegant, sophisticated and put-together. Not only that, but it’s also highly affordable. You can further offset the cost by doing it yourself, which doesn’t take more than a weekend and some DIY know-how. Color-match the molding to your walls for a cleaner look.

Nothing can brighten up a room and lift the mood of anyone who inhabits it like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Of course, bigger bouquets with lush and diverse colors look the most expensive. Where you place the bouquet should let the flowers do the talking. A simple pot in metallic or monochrome, coupled with a coffee table, equals instant class.

Done tastefully and sparingly, metallic surfaces can give any room a more luxe look. The most important thing to remember is that a little does a lot here, so it’s better to think small. A vintage silver table, golden clock or some brass accessories is more than sufficient.

Dim Lighting
Another highly effective and affordable way to make a room look more luxurious is to simply dim the lights. This is because they create a soft, sophisticated ambiance that makes everything look a little better. Smart LED bulbs may not be cheap to install in every room, but connecting dimmer switches to your fixtures remains a cost-effective alternative.

Using antique items to give your room a high-end look works for numerous reasons. For one, they possess a unique sense of wisdom and history that no store-bought item can replicate. What’s more, it’s generally easy to pick up enough pieces for any given space at a decent price.

You can use small accessories like picture frames, boxes and sculptures to add a little bit of class into your room. If you aren’t on a strict budget, consider going for larger antiques like mirrors and furniture instead. They tend to do a great job at being sophisticated centerpieces that don’t grab too much attention.

Not every method has to involve adding something new. Sometimes, all you need to do to make a room look more expensive is reorganize what’s already in it. A good example is to create considered vignettes on surfaces such as bookshelves and mantles, as opposed to just tossing stuff around. It’s a simple solution with a major impact.

Another potentially cost-free solution, creating more variety with the lines around your room adds depth and makes the space look more thought-out. A room with too many clean and uniform lines tends to fall flat. Make yours look expensive by adding more curves, which can come from lamps, furniture, mirrors, accessories and so forth.

Coffee TableCoffee Table
In more casual and leisure-focused rooms, a coffee table with a unique design can serve as an impactful statement piece that not only looks great but also provides some utility. It should come as no surprise that one can always take things further than the traditional option, such as with a Foosball Coffee Table.

This unique piece of furniture provides the best of both worlds – foosball fun and coffee table functionality. If you’re thinking about bringing one into your home, it’s worth checking out one of the tables listed here at Foosball Table Reviews. Included in the post is a wealth of knowledge and advice that will help you choose the right foosball coffee table for your home.

Art can come in many forms, but will almost always make a room appear more tasteful and intentional. This is especially true when the art in your home is adorned in matching or similar-looking frames. They needn’t be anything elaborate. In fact, less is more here, so look out for minimal looks in monochromatic tones that let your art shine.

Large Rug
Smaller rugs have a somewhat ironic tendency to dwarf whatever room they’re placed in, while larger (and notably more affordable) rugs have the opposite effect. Granted, they still aren’t the cheapest way to add a sense of luxury into a space. Jute rugs will likely be your best bet, offering a high-end look and feel at a discount-store price.

Statement Chair
The right statement chair will stand out from its surroundings, thus elevating the space with its unique character and charm. You don’t necessarily have to invest in something over-the-top and expensive. If it simply looks unlike the rest of your furniture, it’s probably already making a noticeable statement.

Glass Bottles
While they may cost next to nothing, glass bottles have a unique effect on any room they’re placed in. This is especially true when you arrange various bottle sizes and styles in similar color palettes together. The effect is relatively subtle, but pretty and sophisticated nonetheless.

In reality, you don’t need to spend much, and perhaps nothing at all to make any room look more expensive. Even the smallest amount of thoughtful organizing, re-arranging and cleaning up can make a world of difference.

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  1. I’m planning to have my house renovated and change its dull design into something more modern and high end. I guess your idea of adding a metallic surface such as a silver table would definitely add sophistication to my space. Speaking fo furniture, I wonder where could I source at least three hickory chairs.

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