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How to Give Your Car a Luxury Upgrade

To the average working person, a luxury car is something that would be nice to have, yet too far outside of their price range. Essentially, for most, a luxury car is something you only dream of having one day. Though it may be true that you can’t go out and buy the latest Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche, there is a way you can feel like you’re driving in style. All you have to do is add a few luxury upgrades to your existing car. Here are some examples listed below:

Fancy or Personalized License Plate

One of the first options you have that is affordable and easy to complete on your own, is changing your license plates. If you love the look of classic luxury race cars, for instance, you might spring for personalised number plates to give your car a more unique appearance. There’s also the option to add a cool phrase or name to your license plates which sets your ride apart from the rest.

Quality Leather Car SeatsLuxury Upgrade

Another way to add a bit of luxury, style, and class to your car is to upgrade the interior. Having the front and back seats reupholstered with quality materials like leather can make a huge difference. This is especially true when you take it to a professional who can incorporate intricate details in the stitching and embroidery to give it a personalized touch. If you can’t afford to invest that much into your car’s interior, there’s also the option to purchase car seat covers. They’re a lot more affordable, can still be found in quality fabrics and are fairly easy to install yourself.

Leather Steering Wheel and Floor Mats

The interior of luxury cars like Lexus and Mercedes are often decked out in leather features from the roof to the floors. Other than leather car seats, you can increase your luxury rating by incorporating a leather steering wheel cover and new floor mats. They’re both pretty affordable buys and come in an array of colors, patterns, and styles to suit your personal interests.

Car Wrapping or a Fresh Paint Job

Now that you’ve got your interior looking the part it’s time to focus on the exterior. If you’ve had your car for a while and the exterior is a bit worn, you can update it with a quality paint job or car wrap. The great thing about luxury cars these days is that they come in all different colors and patterns. So, feel free to allow your imagination to run wild. You can go with a classic black, navy, or grey for a more sophisticated look or opt for patterns from pinstripes to army fatigue. While a paint job is permanent, car wraps are vinyl covers that go over your existing paint job so you can change it as often as you can afford.

New Tires and Rims

To finish off the exterior of your “now” luxury car you can invest in new tires and rims. Most stock luxury vehicles come with fancy chrome rims and quality performance tires which give it an impressive finish. You too can have this look. The best part is you can choose from various styles of rims or opt to customize them yourself. You can go with something simple and clean or bold and reactive like rims that spin while your car is at a stop.

Don’t Forget the Tech

No luxury car is complete without some cool technology to go along with it. From parking cameras and Bluetooth players to dashcams and remote starters, you can give your car the upgrade of the century. Not only do these types of features look good, but they can also help to boost performance, increase safety, and add to your entertainment. Most of these luxury tech upgrades can be purchased online and easily installed.

While you may not be able to afford one of your top dream cars of all time, it doesn’t mean you can’t come close. Whether you have a small or large budget to work with, there are luxury car upgrades that you can invest in to improve the look, function, comfort, and safety of your vehicle. With upgrades like those described above, you’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel of luxury every time you ride.


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