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8 Patio Perk-Ups for Summer 2020

luxury patioIf you don’t enjoy your outdoor patio space, 2020 is the time to revitalise your patio and turn it into a space you want to spend all summer. This year, no more excuses. If you have been wanting to make your patio into an outdoor living space, here are 8 ways to perk-up it up.

Go Vintage

If you want to save money and the environment, don’t buy new. So many people are now heading to flea markets and repurposing old furniture. The internet can be a marvellous place, and there are tutorials on how to rework anything you can find on a market. Be sure to check out Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, as often you can find old garden items for cheap, or even free. Even an old rusty wheelbarrow can be reworked and used to create a cool piece of patio decor.

Make it Colourful

Increase the amount of colour in your patio to spruce it up this summer. Even the simplest of spaces can seem a whole lot brighter with the addition of some beautiful pillows and beanbags. There are plenty of other ways to add colour too and if you are creative, why not use your patio as a space to show off your art? If you are a dab hand at painting, you could re-paint your old garden furniture and turn it into a bespoke garden set for your patio.

Add Mood Lighting

Lighting is a must in your patio area, and the right lights can make the place stand out, especially at night-time. Whilst an outdoor light can be handy, this often shines too much light in one area and doesn’t set the mood. You can find outdoor fairy lights in a range of styles and colours to really perk up the area. Most of these are solar-powered too, making them better for the environment. You could also choose to add some candle lights for dinner parties or dinner dates. Consider purchasing a hanging candle holder for a romantic and more intimate patio scene.

Install a Patio Awning

If the weather is delaying you from perking up your patio or spending time outdoors, it may be wise to invest in a patio awning. Patio awnings will create a beautiful, shady retreat whilst you are outdoors that can protect from the sun and rain. Companies like Nationwide can create a patio awning that works well in your space and covers as much of your patio as needed, to create a covered outdoor space. An awning simply provides that protection so that no matter what the weather, you can stay outside. It also offers protection for your outdoor area and furniture – consider looking for more information here.

Get a BBQ Grill

If you want to make the most out of your space; install a BBQ grill. If you tend to use disposable BBQs in the summer, now is the time to invest in a permanent fixture for your patio. This allows you to cook outside more, and it can become a new summer tradition for the family. You can be the host of every BBQ this season, and a proper grill means the mess of cooking can be kept outside. Grilling food is healthier, and eating outdoors in summer is a great way to enjoy the sun.

Add Some Water

A water feature is a great addition to your patio and offers a calming effect. Sitting by the water feature and reading a good book is a fantastic way to spend the evening and really feel at peace. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on installing a feature. Here are some creative and inexpensive water features to add to your patio.

Create a Living Wall

Living walls are becoming more popular, and if you don’t have space for a lot of plants around, utilizing wall space can make for a great flowery addition to your patio. You can purchase planters and add any flowers you prefer. You may even want to plant some climbers, to create a full-scale climbing wall in your patio.

Finish with Some Greenery

No patio is complete without some greenery, so be sure to add a few plant pots or hanging ivy around your patio to give it a greener effect. Being surrounded by nature is one of the reasons an outdoor space is good for you – just be sure you know how to look after any plants you buy. In 2020, making your home eco-friendly is a big deal, so why not take this time to plant some herbs and vegetables? Planting your own foods and taking care of them is a great hobby and one that is simpler than you’d think.

These 8 patio perk-ups will have your patio looking amazing for summer 2020. Remember, you don’t have to spend much; try to make the most of old items or revamp what you already have.


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