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How to Add Luxury Touches to Your Wedding

Luxury Touches

If your picture-perfect wedding includes luxury elements your budget can’t handle, know that you may not necessarily have to settle for something less you deserve. In fact, it’s quite possible to have the wedding of your dreams without the million-dollar price tag.

With that in mind, put on the wedding of your dreams with some of these clever tips and tricks.

Crowd Control 101

It’s natural to want to invite everyone you know to share in your joy. But the more people you add to your ever-expanding guest list, the more money you’ll shell out to wine and dine them.

Whittle down your guest list to the people you truly want to be there as well as family members you’re obligated to invite. That way, you’ll have the funds to splurge on extras, like fine linens or butler service, without hurting any feelings.

All-in-One Package

Your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations let guests know the where and when of your wedding, but a wedding website is a graceful leap forward. It’s a central place to share engagement photos and all the pertinent wedding details.

Choose from any number of templated wedding website options that offer a suite of elegant products in the same style of your choosing. Provide a seamless transition from save-the-date cards to invitations to menus with the click of a button. These fully customizable options offer up the look of luxury online or off without a huge expense.

Style and Substance

When you lack the money to rent a castle for the weekend or fly everyone out to Hawaii for a beachfront wedding, your choice of venue is an incredible way to provide the luxe feel you’re after. Look for lower-cost alternatives that already offer the posh style you want (but with an affordable price tag).

Check out your local national parks, or visit the zoo, aquarium, art gallery or botanical garden near you. These fun destinations typically offer elegant event space and wedding-specific packages for less than you’d think. With such a great space to work with, it doesn’t take much in the way of décor to make them all the more magical.

Intimate Appeal

If your wedding will be on the small side, seek out a vacation rental from a site like Vrbo. But be upfront about your wedding plans from the start, since some owners of rental properties aren’t interested in playing the role of party central.

Light Up the Night

It’s amazing what a little bit of extra light can do. Whether you add a few, well-placed lights to accent a wall or add pin spots to highlight your cake, decorative touches or a floral table centerpiece, you inexpensively amp up the fancy feel.

Use candles everywhere. Not only are they inexpensive, but they create an air of romance. Fairy lights add a dreamy appeal to any area, so use them everywhere you can. Skip the floodlights and the fluorescents and you’ll be fine.

Swanky Wedding Style

Spend your money where it matters most. From lights to the venue to your own wedding website and accessories, it’s amazing what a little attention to detail can do to add that swanky special touch in order to create a wedding no one will soon forget.


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