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This Rare Marvel Comic Misprint with DC Cover Could Fetch $1,2 Million

Marvel Comic With a DC CoverAn ultra rare comic that was misprinted with New Teen Titans #6 and the interior artwork for Marvel’s Marvel Two-in-One #74 is currently listed on eBay for a whopping $1.2 million. Confused much? Printed in April of 1981, the error happened as both publishers used the same printer at the time. The book’s listing on eBay reads – “DC began moving to the no-returns direct market in early 1980’s, and concomitantly decided that higher-quality printing (from 65dpi to 120 dpi) was possible, given that sales of the New Teen Titans were doing well in 1980-81,” the book’s listing description reads. “Bob Spivak, the representative from Ronald’s Printing convinced them that they could achieve far greater margins on a different press. So they shifted to using the offset presses at Ronald’s Printing out of Canada, mainly because Ronald’s M1000-B offset press could produce 60,000 16-page sections an hour; and they could distribute through Diamond Distribution, a source that would be challenged as the “direct” editions became more prominent in sales.”

Encapsulated by CGC with a mid-range 7.5 grade, there are only three copies of this misprint (known to exist) in circulation at present.Rare Marvel Comic With a DC Cover

If the rare misprinted Marvel Comic With a DC Cover fetches its $1.2 million, it would make it one of the most comics expensive ever sold. Got a spare $1.2 million lying around?

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