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Luxury Amenities No High-End Home Should Be Without

Whether you want your home to look and feel more luxurious, or are trying to make your luxury home more attractive on the market, you have to know which features could take it to the next level. Luxurious amenities are usually winners with high-end buyers. Even if you don’t have the intention of selling now, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the biggest trends at the moment so your home can appreciate in value. This ensures it sells as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at a few amenities that no high-end home should be without.

Multi-Unit HVAC

One feature that is increasingly common in luxury homes these days is multi-unit HVAC systems. We’re seeing an increasing number of homes with 2 or 3 furnace/air conditioner combinations, zoning, or both in order to have even better control over the temperature in rooms.

Zoning systems allow homeowners to set specific temperatures in different areas of the house. These could be used to set bedroom temperatures based on individual preferences, or only condition the air in rooms that are primarily used during the day.

With more units, however, comes more maintenance needs and supplies like air filters. If you already own this kind of system or intend to have one installed, you will find a full range of air filters on filterbuy.com. Buy the filters you need and make sure that you change them regularly to give your home fresh air and keep it at the perfect temperature.

High Tech Additions

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They often say that convenience is the ultimate form of luxury, and there’s no better way to make your life more convenient than through technology. Smart home additions and home automation are all the rage right now and can be used to control various systems throughout the house from wherever you are in the house, country, or the globe.

Home automation systems can be used to control security systems, lighting, temperature, entertainment, and more, using nothing but a touchscreen or the sound of your voice. You can open doors and shades automatically, control fire and water features, or set the mood through music streaming. Automation can also be used to make houses greener and is being used to control energy-saving features and complex irrigation systems. Power stations to charge electric vehicles are also an increasingly common feature in luxury garages these days.

Entertainment Centers and Home Theaters

Home theaters are a big winner with most luxury home buyers, and most will want much more than a simple media room. They want a space where they can lounge with friends or their families and really replicate the theater experience without leaving the house.

It’s not uncommon to now see home theaters with custom couches, stadium seating, recliners, and mood lighting. An adjacent entertainment center is the perfect way to keep the fun going after the movie is over with arcade machines and video games, full bars, and pool tables. This could give a completely new meaning to “movie night”.

Showroom Garages


Simple garages don’t cut it anymore, and if you own more than one vehicle, then you want ample parking. You also want to invest in good flooring and storage space for your garage area. Parking will often be a deal breaker for many luxury home buyers, so that could also be a great investment for the future.

Sports Court

Having a sports court used to be seen as a novelty, but it’s pretty much a must now. Whatever your game is, there’s no better way to enjoy it than your backyard. Whether it’s a tennis court or backyard skating rink, the convenience of being able to step out and have a few games with your friends or children is always a great thing. This could also be a great addition if you have children who intend to compete professionally or at the amateur level.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Outdoor spaces are becoming as important as indoor spaces with lavish infinity pools, poolside bars, cabanas, and outdoor living rooms. A well-stocked outdoor kitchen is another great addition if you like to entertain, or are just a cuisine lover in general. We’re now seeing more backyards with their own wood fired ovens and massive dining areas.

All of these additions should be at the top of your list if you want to make your home even more luxurious than it already is. Not only that, but these are all things current luxury home buyers are not only looking for, but expecting in new homes, which could make your house stand out if you ever decide to sell.

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