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Top Amenities That Can Be the Luxury Steroids for Your Tiny House

Gone are the days when living free meant living in an RV. Tiny houses on wheels are becoming very popular as you can carry the luxuries with you wherever you go. Downsizing your home is not synonymous with downgrading anymore, and you have the option to get them custom made with high-quality material, furniture, and fixtures. Tiny house builders can pack up a lot of luxury inside them innovatively. Here are some of the luxurious amenities that you must consider for your tiny house.

A Luxurious KitchenLuxurious Kitchen

Since the kitchen space in a Tiny House is also tiny, getting high-end materials will not burn too big a hole in your pocket. You can get gorgeous marble tops, high-end appliances, and sleek designed backsplash.

You can get a three burner propane stove with a built-in oven. These are lighter and narrower than the conventional four-burner stoves. The oven might not be big enough to fit a turkey, but you can surely roast a chicken. You can also get a convection oven with microwave functions and induction cooktops to save on further weight. But you might need to connect to the power grid or a generator to operate them.

The ideal refrigerator for your tiny home would be one that can run on AC, DC, or gas power. 3-way fridges are more expensive residential fridges, but the fridge keeps running while you are on the road. During stopovers and nights, you can connect the refrigerator to the Power grid or solar panels. If your tiny house will be stationary and connected to a power grid, you can get a conventional refrigerator.

Even though earlier dishwashers and washer dryers used to be too heavy and bulky to be fitted in tiny living spaces, now you can get compact ones that can be concealed, which makes a feasible and affordable choice. These compact dishwashers might look small, but they can hold up to 7 plates with cutlery and glassware or 4 large pots.

In favorable climates, you also have the option to set up an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor grill and sink combination can save your indoor space for a kitchen. You can place the refrigerator and dishwasher in a small space next to your living room. With some folding chairs and tables, you can have a complete outdoor dining room. Make sure you pack an overhead cover or a canopy if it rains.

A Relaxing Bathroom

Many people choose to have a compact and basic bathroom, but you can go for an elaborate bathroom with luxurious tiny features.

If you plan to go off the grid, you can choose between cassette toilets, compost toilets, or incinerating toilets. If you are planning to be stationary or park at hook-up sites, you can also go for a standard-sized RV toilet. Stationary tiny homes can have a shower or a full-sized soaking tub depending on the amount of space you wish to allocate for your bathroom. Many tiny homes also have cute little sinks with a small mirror.

A Cozy BedroomCozy Bedroom

Lofts are ideal spaces to place the bed inside a tiny house, such as a loft above the bathroom of the kitchen. These lofts can have a foldable staircase or a staircase with storage under them. Loft beds are much more comfortable as they can easily fit a king or a queen-sized mattress. They also separate the living space from the bedroom for multiple people living in the same house.

If you do not want to climb stairs, you can have a foldable Murphy bed or an elevating bed. Elevating beds can come down when needed from the ceiling and go back up. Elevating beds are becoming more popular now as they save valuable wall space.

An Entertainment CenterEntertainment Center

If you want to have a dedicated wall for your TV and music system, there are many luxurious and compact options. The television can be mounted on the wall, or you can go for a projector. Projectors can hang from the ceiling and save precious wall space. You can also carry your projector and screen outside to enjoy a movie under the night sky.

For your music system, you can use car speakers and woofers. These speakers run on 12v dc power, but they need a space to be mounted. Or you can get high-quality Bluetooth speakers that can save you space and can be carried outside as well. For your internet requirements, you can install a rooftop antenna to boost the internet signal for your phones or laptops.

There are a few more luxurious features that you can add to your tiny home, such as:

  • A picture window or a skylight to add more light and a sense of space.
  • Real wood for beams, floors, or walls to add structure, stability, and beauty.
  • Custom made furniture to suit your style and space available.
  • High-end vanity fixtures to make the home look stylish and chic.

Luxurious amenities are more affordable for tiny homes because of the smaller requirements compared to large houses. Still, with high-end materials and fixtures, the prices can climb up to $150,000 or more.

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