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Travelling Light in The Age of Coronavirus

Following on from the coronavirus outbreak which happened earlier this year, the world is slowly returning to a relative state of normality. Travel restrictions aren’t as quite strict as they were initially, and now country borders are reopening. As a result, people are finally starting to think about travelling again. Many are deciding to travel light because this means they can change their plans at a moment’s notice if another local lockdown were to occur suddenly. However, there are still significant risks entailed with travelling light in the age of coronavirus. As such, in our article today, we’re going to further explore this topic. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

What You Need

Travelling light means only packing the essentials. However, what was considered essential years ago is no longer relevant now. So, what exactly does one need when travelling light in the age of coronavirus? Well, aside from the basics (like clothes, toiletries, ectara), you need to bring things like reusable face masks and hand sanitiser with you, too. Most countries have made it mandatory to wear a face covering when walking around indoor public spaces, such as museums or shopping centres, which you likely will want to visit when travelling. What’s more, masks and handwashes act as preventive measures for catching the coronavirus yourself. We also think investing in holiday insurance is a good idea. If worst comes to worst and you contract the illness whilst travelling, you’ll need access to local healthcare facilities and insurance coverage to mitigate the costs of a hospital visit.

Why You Should Pack Light

You are probably wondering how exactly packing light can help you when travelling during the coronavirus pandemic. Well, as we mentioned before, packing light means you can quickly change your plans, which is necessary in case of local lockdowns or country borders closing again. Furthermore, the fewer items you have, the less you need to wash. Keeping yourself and your belongings clean is essential during this time because you could inadvertently be carrying the pathogen.

Travelling light also means you don’t need to worry about hauling your baggage around whilst on public transport like trains or coaches. This is ideal during the coronavirus outbreak because you won’t need to utilise things like communal storage units, which are touchpoints through which the illness can spread. Finally, you won’t need to rely on public transport half as much if you’ve packed light. Most people only catch the bus whilst venturing through the cities because they can’t haul their bags everywhere. If you don’t have much to carry, you can avoid being on public transport where pathogens can easily permeate because of crowding and poor ventilation.

How to Travel Light

If you’re now wondering how exactly you can travel light during the coronavirus pandemic, here are a couple of different solutions. While you could leave your luggage at your hotels, sometimes when travelling between locations this isn’t an option. In these circumstances, it might be worth investing in luggage storage from Safestore, which has different storage units designed for travellers dotted around popular tourist locations in London. You should also invest in versatile space-case items, which can be used for multiple purposes or occasions. For example, what shoes could double-up as good walking footwear whilst also being smart enough for a restaurant? It’s important to be disciplined and pack no more than a week’s worth of clothes, too. Remember, the less you pack, the less you must wash.

Now you have read our discussion on travelling light during the pandemic, what do you plan on doing for your next holiday in the age of coronavirus?

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