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Building a Waterfall in Your Garden

water gardenMaintaining a beautiful garden is a great way to boost your property’s value, and there are many things you can do to improve your outdoor space at home. From planting sweet-smelling, vibrant flowers to dedicating a section of your garden to an allotment, all of these things can make it attractive to your guests and potential buyers. Another way to enhance your garden’s appearance is by adding a waterfall. You can hire someone to do this for you or do it yourself; either way, here is what you will need to think about if this is something that you’re interested in doing.

Your Budget

Any home improvement project will cost money, and it’s important to settle on a suitable budget that will allow you to enhance your garden without breaking the bank. Cutting back on labour costs will give you more freedom to build a more extravagant water feature, so if you’re into DIY, this is something worth thinking about. Finding the right materials for your waterfall that are of good quality is also something you will need to consider when determining your budget. Take the time to do some research to help you plan for this project and its expense.


Think about where you want to put your waterfall and how easily it will be to build in that location. A lot of people like to place a feature like this in a corner of the garden, perhaps somewhere close to a seating area so they can enjoy the sound of the running water while they relax in the garden. You should also think about how easy it’s going to be to link the pumps and other fixtures to electrical outlets, etc., as this could require additional work if the waterfall is far from your main house.


There are plenty of styles you can choose when designing your waterfall, and it will depend on how it will fit in with the rest of your garden. For example, if you prefer contemporary looks, a cascading water blade design would be perfect. Alternatively, you could have your waterfall crashing down over rocks or slate, surrounded by evergreen plants or tropical flora for a dramatic, natural-looking waterfall.


Once you have decided on all of the above, the next step is getting all the right equipment for the job. You will have to dig out an area of your garden to make room for the waterfall, so having shovels and a wheelbarrow to move the dug-out earth is a must. You will also need waterproof lining, pumps, and filters for the waterfall to function properly. A spirit-level will also be required to make sure everything is even.


Although doing this job yourself might cut costs, if you’re not familiar with this kind of work or project, it will be worth hiring a professional to build your waterfall for you. Not only will it be safer for you, but it will reduce the chances of mistakes that could be expensive to fix. Take the time to think this through before you break-ground in your garden.

Waterfalls can add a lot of beauty and drama to a garden, and if you’re looking to improve yours, it’s a feature worth considering.



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