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Top Tips for New Drivers

Congratulations! You have now passed your driving test and are on the road to freedom. There is no
better feeling than being able to go wherever you desire, whenever you wish, without the constraints of relying on public transport or car shares. However, becoming a new driver is a huge responsibility and takes a great deal of courage. While you may believe you are aware of all there is to know about driving, the real test happens when you get behind the wheel without an instructor next to you. Here are some top tips for new drivers:

Turn the radio off

While it can be fun to listen to your favorite tunes while venturing out on the road, it would be highly
advised to turn the radio off or keep it at an extremely low volume to prevent you from losing
concentration. In the early days after passing your test, you need to pay more attention than ever before to the road and potential hazards around you which you are not used to dealing with.

Don’t offer friends lifts

Your friends may be asking you to offer them lifts when you have just passed your test, especially if they haven’t yet learned to drive. However, plucking up the courage to say no will be in your best interests until you’re a little more confident behind the wheel. Having people in the car means you may be encouraged to chat and will therefore be less focused on what is happening in front of you.

Be aware of eyesight requirements

If it has been a few months since you passed your test and you have only recently got a car, it may be wise to have your eyes checked by an optician. There are rules and regulations in place when it comes to eyesight in which the minimum standards must be met to stay safe on the road. If you are suffering from hazy vision, difficulty with vision at night or even witnessing ‘halos’ around lights, it could be a sign that you have cataracts that need removing before being allowed to drive. In this case, you can locate specialists at panoptix.myalcon.com to remove your cataracts with care and professionalism.

Drive in bad weather as soon as possible

Although you may be terrified at the idea of driving in wet, windy, or icy conditions, the sooner you bite the bullet and attempt to tackle harsh weather, the quicker you’ll know how to handle it. At a time when you don’t have anywhere to rush to, choose to get behind the wheel and understand how these
conditions affect the car in terms of steering and the braking distances required due to less grip on thetires. Doing so on your own terms will help you feel more relaxed when you’re forced to get in the car and make a journey in bad weather and difficult conditions.

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