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How to Turn Your Property into a Luxury Home

Luxury homes don’t appear out of nowhere. Instead, they’re designed, created and nurtured into existence. If you’ve found a stunning property in the perfect location, don’t be put off by a less-than-luxury interior. With a comprehensive renovation plan, you can turn any property into an exclusive abode. For inspiration, take a look at these top tips for creating a luxury home now:

1. Work with the Property

Making changes to a property can greatly enhance its functionality and totally transform its décor, but the core characteristics will often remain. Unless you tear down a property and start from scratch, you’re going to be living with some features for the foreseeable future. This is why it’s important to choose a property you love, whether it’s an uber-modern new build or a centuries-old stately home. By doing so, you can work with the property to update the décor and add functionality to create a home you love.

2. Don’t Overlook the Essentials

When you’re thinking about how to renovate a property, it’s easy to focus on extending the building, replacing kitchens and creating more living space, but don’t overlook what goes on behind the scenes. Making significant changes to a home typically means modifying the plumbing and electrics too, so factor this in during the renovation process.

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3. Incorporate Smart Functionality

If you want to create a luxury home, then smart functionality is a must. However, don’t wait until your renovations are complete to begin thinking about installing smart thermostats, video doorbells and automated blinds. By incorporating these features into your plans now, you can ensure they’re installed during the renovation process itself. As well as making sure that the entire system is working seamlessly, integrating smart features during a renovation means that wires and connections can be hidden behind walls and underneath floorboards to enhance your interior décor.

4. Upgrade Hardware

Creating a luxury interior is about more than replacing soft furnishings or using the Pantone Colour of the Year on the walls. As the old saying goes, ‘the devil is in the detail’, so don’t overlook any aspect of the property. Hardware – such as door handles, light fittings and taps – have a major impact on how a room looks and feels, so make sure your finishing touches enhance your interior design.

Designing a Luxury Home

You may already have a clear vision of how you want your luxury home to look, but getting expert advice can help you to cement your plans. Working with architects, project managers and restoration experts gives you the opportunity to hone your designs, incorporate new features and create a luxury property that ticks every box.


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