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Ways to Make Your Garden Look and Feel More Luxurious

A lot of people feel uninspired when they look out into their gardens. With a patch of grass, an old deck, and a colony of persistent weeds, it can start to feel like your garden will never be anything more than an unattractive addition to your home.

As a homeowner, you might be wondering how you can turn a lack-lustre garden into luxurious outdoor space. Here are a few improvements you can make in your garden to give it an ultra-modern, luxury feel.

Luxurious Garden

Create a spot in the sun

One of the best ways to make your garden look and feel more luxurious is to design a place in the garden that lets you enjoy the sun. Porcelain patio tiles and composite decking can be used to create beautifully modern seating or staging areas that come to life in the sunshine.

Both porcelain paving and composite decking are long-lasting, durable, materials that come in a range of gorgeous colours and finishes, so your new sunspot will be a focal point in your luxurious garden.

A crisp white patio will complement a contemporary space while a wood-effect deck is a great choice for a more traditional space. With the right outdoor furniture and accessories, they can turn a dull garden into an opulent outdoor space. Whichever you choose, you can be certain you’ll wow the guests at your next summer party.

Take care of your lawn & shrubbery

Luxurious gardens always look as if they’ve been looked after properly, so if you want to make your garden more opulent, it’s time to step up your gardening game. Cutting your grass regularly and cutting back unruly shrubs will neaten up your outdoor space and make other garden features (like your new deck or patio) shine.

To go one step further, you could even establish some topiary plants in your garden for a really polished appearance. Shaping shrubs like holly, privet or boxwood will give your garden a ‘stately-home’ feel.

Go big with garden lighting

In the same way that chandeliers and spotlights can be used within your home to create a luxury feel, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of garden lighting. When it comes to an evening meal, or a warm summer night with a glass of wine, garden lights will be your best friend.

Rather than choosing cheap plastic lights for your garden, why not invest in some beautiful ornate lanterns or fairy lights for a soft and romantic look. Better yet, speak to your composite decking supplier about having lights installed directly in your new deck. This will minimise clutter in your garden and provide a more polished, indulgent feel.

A luxurious garden gate

You may not realise it, but your garden gate is often the first thing people see when they visit your property. If you want to create a luxurious atmosphere from start to finish, you need to make sure your garden gate matches the aesthetic of the garden.

For some homeowners, a luxurious gate will be heavily decorated and extravagant, something with real wow factor that makes a statement. For others, a luxurious gate is motorised and effortless, demonstrating that you’ve surpassed standard manually operated gates. Of course, if you can’t find an off-the-shelf garden gate that fits your idea of luxury, you could arrange to have a bespoke gate made to fit your dream design.

These are just a few ways that you can make your garden feel more luxurious. However you design your garden, it’s important that you create a space that you love to spend time in.


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