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8 Luxurious Ways To Beat The Coronavirus Blues

The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruption to our lives. As many of us face another spring spent indoors, it’s becoming harder than ever to beat the lockdown blues.

Fortunately, there are still many ways that you can inject some fun into your home and lives this year, that are perfect for chasing away the coronavirus blues.

Start A Journal

Journaling can be a great way to channel and address our emotions and concerns. You can journal just about anywhere, from scrap paper to the notes app on your phone. If you’d like something a little more special though, there are plenty of gorgeous, luxury journals to choose from.

Whether you’re after leatherbound, designer or personalized, you’re sure to find the perfect journal to suit your taste.

Visit A Virtual Museum

For many of us, the experience of visiting a museum or art gallery may feel like a distant memory. Fortunately, museums across the globe have been offering virtual tours, meaning that you can experience the joys of fine art and culture from the comfort of your own home.

You could consider spending a relaxing Friday night with a bottle of wine, enjoying your virtual museum tour on your home cinema system.

New Kitchen Appliances

Have you grown tired of baking bread from last year’s lockdown? You could consider investing in some new and exciting appliances to help you channel your cooking and baking energies.

You could consider installing a new cooktop, that allows you to cook your meals with the finesse of your favorite chef.

A wine fridge is perfect for anyone missing the feeling of going to their favorite wine bar. You could consider installing a new wine fridge and spend some time picking out the perfect vintages to fill it with.

Consider Investing In A Bicycle

Bicycles have experienced a considerable resurgence in popularity thanks to the pandemic. Designer and luxury brands have been coming out with their own bikes for years now, so now could be just the time to invest in your own.

Bikes are perfect for helping you get fit, and get out into nature. They’re perfect for people of all ages and abilities, so you’re sure to find the right bike for you.

Once you’ve invested in your luxury bike, it’s vital that you keep it in good condition so that it serves you well for years to come. Have a look at this article from Velosurance for some essential bike maintenance tips.

Invest In A Luxury Face Covering

There are plenty of face coverings out there to choose from. You could consider investing in a designer mask, that will complement your style and look fantastic. You could also consider buying a mask made of a material like silk, to allow you all the best in comfort while staying safe.

Have A Virtual Wine Tasting

While wine tasting at a vineyard is one of the ultimate luxury experiences, there are still ways that you can recreate this experience at home. Many vineyards offer virtual wine tasting experiences, allowing you to enjoy the experience of a wine tasting from the safety and comfort of your own home.

You can sign up, discuss your preferences with a member of the vineyard’s team, and have the wine delivered to your door. You then log into an online guided tasting session with a sommelier. Many vineyards also provide a selection of cheeses and charcuterie to complement the delicious wines.

At-Home Wellness Retreat

We could all use a little pampering this year. With spas and wellness centers looking set to stay closed for the foreseeable future, many places offer virtual services instead. You can sign up for classes that last a weekend or a few days, and help you reconnect with yourself. These sessions are the perfect thing to keep you centered and empower you to face these challenging times with strength and poise.

Try Out Some DIY Beauty Products

A great way to pass the time, while also ensuring that you get the very best in bespoke products. Many luxury brands offer their own DIY beauty products, which allow you to mix the products yourself and gives you full power over what goes on your skin and hair.

There are countless recipes online to help you choose the right formula. From facemasks made from items you can find in your kitchen, to ethical products that are all-natural, you’ll be able to find the best DIY beauty routine.


No matter your preference, there are plenty of new experiences and activities that can help to keep you fresh and energized during the pandemic. Thanks to technology, we can still enjoy many of the staples of luxury living from our own homes.

Consider taking some time out of your day to decide what will work best for you. There is no right or wrong way to move forward throughout the pandemic, and what is most crucial is that you do what feels right, and that helps you through these challenging times.


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