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6 Highest Paying Positions in Healthcare

Healthcare is a great field to work in at the moment as some of the most prestigious and high-paying jobs are in the field. The greatest thing, though, is that you get to make a genuine difference in other people’s lives at the same time as earning a living. That’s probably why healthcare professionals report some of the highest satisfaction rates out of all professions, and why so many are thinking of entering the field today. Let’s take a look at some of the highest-paying positions in healthcare.

Surgeon and Physicians

The fact that physicians and surgeons come at the top of this list shouldn’t be a surprise for anybody. They routinely make over the $200,000 mark and are some of the most respected people in the profession. They also tend to enjoy long careers and can move into all sorts of fields when they’re done. Some decide to move into public office or work in faculty. Others decide to open their own facilities.

Both careers are demanding and require a different set of skills and credentials. Surgeons are involved directly in surgery while physicians can wear all sorts of hats. Being a surgeon is a high-pressure job, and you will often have someone else’s life in your hands. For some, this is exactly what they were looking for. This is also why they tend to be paid so handsomely.


Some people may not know this, but dentists are among the highest-paid professionals in healthcare. The average dentist can stand to make more than $150,000 per year. Dentists are responsible for performing procedures on patients such as root canal treatments, deep cleanings, teeth removal, etc. Some may decide to specialize in cosmetic dentistry which can be very lucrative as well.

Another thing that’s great when you’re a dentist is that you can open up your own clinic and make even more. Many decide to start working as employees before they make the jump to open their own clinic. This allows them to get some inside information on how to manage one. Dentists who own their clinic either alone or with a partner can stand to make a lot more depending on their scope of service. This makes dentistry a great field if you want to be well paid and enjoy more freedom.

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Nursing Leadership Roles

Nurse administrators are some of the most important and highly paid professionals in nursing. Medical and health services managers can stand to make as much as $100,980 per year. And, you can get your qualifications completely online nowadays. You have schools like Baylor University that offer DNP leadership programs online that you can complete from the comfort of your home.

This is a great option for nurses who are already working who’d like a change of pace and want to move into a leadership role. Leadership roles also provide the chance to earn much more while having a much wider influence on the floor and how work is done.

There are various other leadership positions you could pursue in nursing as well. While they may not all pay the same, they will allow you to work in a different role. You could become a patient care director and overlook an entire unit. You might also be asked to establish staff protocols, meet with patients and their families, and keep a services budget.

You could also become a chief nursing officer, although getting there is tough. Nurses usually need to have more than ten years of experience to qualify. In this role, you will not be dealing with patients directly, but overseeing the nurses and middle-level managers who will. The median salary for chief nursing officers is $178,884, which makes them some of the most well-paid people in nursing.


Pharmacists are also very well paid and provide an essential service. They are there to fulfil prescriptions for patients, but also play an educational role in many cases. They might educate some of the people they serve on the effects of certain medications, how to use them, and answer some of the questions they may have.

Pharmacists also need to always stay on top of the most recent changes in pharmacology. Besides, they have a very slight margin of error and one mistake could have disastrous consequences. The road to becoming a pharmacist is a difficult one as well, which is why they tend to fetch such high salaries. The average pharmacist can make as much as $120,000 per year.


If you want to specialize and work in a field with a big demand but a shortage of qualified professionals, then you could consider working in podiatry. Podiatrists work specifically on a patient’s feet and can earn as much as $129,000 per year.

While they work with feet only, they have to be very skilled as the foot’s anatomy is much more complex than many people imagine. Podiatrists don’t only have to diagnose foot problems and injuries, but perform surgeries as well. This is why they are so important and can demand high salaries.

In addition to providing treatment and performing surgeries, podiatrists are also there to educate their patients. They might help patients deal with recovery, for instance, and monitor their progress. Or they may work in specialized fields such as sports medicine. A podiatrist can be one of the most glamorous positions in the field and many work with professional sports organizations both in the United States and abroad.


If feet aren’t your thing, what about specializing in eyes and vision instead? Optometrists can make as much as $111,000 per year and provide eye care and guidance to patients. This is another career that you could turn into a business and earn even more money as a result.

These are some of the best and highest-paying positions in healthcare, and some of the most highly regarded as well. If you want a prestigious and respected career that pays well, you may not be able to find a better field than healthcare.

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