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How to Host a Luxury Barbeque Party

Luxury Barbeque PartyBarbeque parties are a great way to gather your closest friends and family members to enjoy long sunny days without the expense of hiring a venue. This year, why not go all out by hosting a luxurious barbeque party, complete with those extra touches that will make your guests feel special? Here are the best tips on how to upgrade this year’s barbeque party.

Upgrade Your Décor

Transform your garden into a magical hideaway by decorating it to the highest standard. Do this by starting with a colour scheme that will form a cohesive theme for all of your decorations and choose colours based on the flowers already blooming in your garden. Use lighting to create a luxurious atmosphere such as hanging festoon lighting loosely around trees and bushes to turn on as the sun goes down. For your table décor, ensure that you use sophisticated but natural accessories, such as pretty flower displays and candles for lighting.


Plan your guest list and menu ahead of time so that you can avoid any stress closer to the date. Once the guest list has been decided, create beautiful invitations that will help to set the scene of your party, with information including the date, time, dress-code, and exact address. The menu must be decided once you have considered who will be preparing the food and how it will be cooked – perhaps the menu will be prepared inside and served outside? You could even Buy a BBQ Smoker from Barbeque Bazaar, which has a range of styles and bundles to choose from to impress your guests with a slow-cooked treat, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Cold Cuts and Coolers

Prepare the perfect, showstopping charcuterie board for a table centrepiece by using a large wooden platter and locally sourced cheeses and meats if it is possible. Alternatively, if the menu has a theme, such as Italian, then source products from an Italian deli to tie in with your theme. There is no need to go overboard, since sticking to three kinds of cheeses and three types of meat makes your charcuterie display simple to explain and easy to top-up when necessary. Provide coolers, such as fresh, homemade lemonade for the guests that might not be drinking alcohol and to keep everybody hydrated.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Being a great host means putting your guests’ comfort and enjoyment first. Show that you care by planting baskets around the garden with big blankets for when the temperature drops and ensure that flying insects are controlled as much as possible by using citronella candles around your garden. Also, be aware that guests might be very thirsty after a lot of food and alcoholic drinks so be sure to place water jugs on all tables and make sure they are constantly refilled.

After doing all that you can to create a beautiful luxury barbeque, remember to enjoy the party yourself and stay relaxed so that you can relish the company of your guests and provide them with a memorable experience.

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