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Virtual Travel Experiences You Can’t Miss in 2021

Virtual Travel ExperiencesIf travel restrictions and lockdowns due to the pandemic have got you going stir-crazy, you’re not alone. Staying put during the last year has been challenging for people with wanderlust who typically count on trips away from home to relieve stress and put their minds at ease. Fortunately, it’s 2021, and virtual reality happens to be very en-vogue. Although nothing is quite like the real deal, there are plenty of virtual travel options available to satiate your hunger for adventure.

Prepare Yourself

Before you get started on your virtual journey around the globe, consider investing in a VR headset. They’re the accessory of the future, and with all the interactive virtual offerings at your fingertips, having a pair at home can make all the difference when you want to immerse yourself in a landscape or activity.

Another thing you should consider before embarking on a virtual excursion is downloading a VPN app. It will help you gain access to content that would be otherwise restricted outside of your region. A VPN can also help keep your data safe while you traverse the rugged terrain of cyberspace by masking your IP address and encrypting the data that’s sent and received from your device.Now that you know what you need to be prepared for, get ready to explore the world virtually in 2021.

Take a Virtual Tour

Whether you want to see a new art exhibit, learn something new from the most historical museums, or get an adrenaline fix on your favorite theme park ride, there’s a virtual tour for virtually anything in 2021. Explore 30 of the world’s most iconic landmarks with Google Earth, visit some of the most lavish hotels in the world, or visit a zoo with the kids. You can even catch a glimpse of Mars through Curiosity’s eyes – the sky isn’t even the limit anymore.

Go on a Virtual Cruise

Many people have a yearly tradition of taking a cruise or setting sail on one of the seven seas. While the pandemic put a halt on those plans, technology stepped in to offer a solution for the time being. Several of the world’s most famous cruise lines are now offering virtual cruises with interactive 360-degree video experiences. Whether you want to lounge on the deck, stroll on the beach, or have a dance party, you can do it all from the comfort of your living room.

See the View from Someone Else’s Window

Window Swap is a fun app that offers an array of virtual travel experiences. One of the most interesting is being transported to random window views around the world. Catch a glimpse of a city in Argentina, a village in Turkey, a bustling Brooklyn street, and innumerable other views. The app also offers a range of different travel experiences, promising to keep you busy for a while.

Stream the Best Travel Programs

With more people lusting for travel now than ever before, there’s been a surge in travel programs across all major streaming channels. Whether you’re looking for food and cultural experiences or beautiful imagery to take in, you can find a show to suit your fancy. Some of the best to watch out for in 2021 include Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Dark Tourism, Somebody Feed Phil, and Tales by Light.

While the pandemic has undoubtedly made life more challenging for most people to deal with, one thing to be thankful for is the technological advancements that make it possible to travel, see friends and family, shop, and work without leaving home. Kick back, relax, and start trotting the globe with our suggestions above.


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