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Royal Enfield x Bandit9 Jaeger Motorcycle

Bandit9 JaegerSaigon-based bike builder Bandit9 is back with another stunning collaboration with Royal Enfield, the Bandit9 Jaeger. Based on the Continental GT 650. the details are pretty impressive, the bike comes with front fairing, fuel tank and rear cowl hand-shaped from surgical grade steel, custom clip-on handlebars and rear-set footpegs.Bandit9 Jaeger Motorcycle

The kit includes also a new speedometer, plus Dual LED headlights, a suede seat, turn signals, LED strip tailights and mirrors.

Royal Enfield wanted to show off the custom potential of the GT650 so they tasked Daryl Villanueva for creating a body kit for it.

Priced at $29,000 USD, only 9 people will be able to get their hands on a Jaeger, whether you get the kit or the complete bike.

You can place your order now on their website. (1/9 units left) at this moment.

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