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Best Designer Boutiques in Saint-Tropez

High-fashion shopping is at its height in Saint-Tropez, where enticing boutiques not only feature haute couture, but also lovely shaded gardens, palatial patios, and even cafés for an enhanced experience.

Whether you own, looking to buy or rent a magnificent property in Saint-Tropez, here’s a look at six of the best luxury boutiques in area — with some surprising details about what’s behind the gorgeous facades.


Hermes Boutique-St-Tropez
Photo Credit: ShelleyC28

A pristine white building houses Hermès, which sits in the heart of the high-end shopping district near Saint-Tropez’s stunning harbour. The lively café in front of the boutique is the perfect place for refreshments before or after shopping. Whether you’re looking for a signature silk scarf or a chic pair of sandals, the selection at Hermès ensures elegance and style.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton Boutique St-Tropez
Viewing the multi-story building from the front, you would never know the surprises to be found inside. Upon entering, you’ll be drawn to a gently winding spiral staircase that leads from the ground floor (womenswear) to the second floor (menswear). Both floors have lounges in which to relax and review your selections. Best of all, top off your visit with a complimentary glass of Champagne in the serene Mediterranean garden at the back of the ground floor. Cushioned couches, leafy green plants and shade trees make this the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy the natural surroundings.


Dior Boutique
Photo Credit : Melbourne Girl London Town

Discover the charming garden café at the 18th century villa that houses the Dior boutique. Pause for French pastries and a cappuccino, or an aperitif, before or after your luxe shopping experience. Whether you’re considering the next season’s collection, or perfume, cosmetics, shoes, or accessories, you’ll want to extend your stay by enjoying the ambience of the outdoor cafe.


There are many reasons to visit the very glamorous, five-star Hotel de Paris, with its chic décor and iconic guest list throughout the decades. And, on one side of the hotel, you’ll find the whitewashed townhouse that is the perfect setting for the Chanel boutique. The back of the former villa features casual seating by an expansive, turquoise pool – a place to admire natural outdoor beauty as well as the classic couture within the shop, including a not-to-be missed handbags bar featuring the latest collection.


Among the designer boutiques near the historical Place de Lices, Gucci’s golden entrance beckons. Large, elegantly appointed windows feature the bright and bold colours the fashion house is celebrated for. The spacious interior features a splash of flowers on summer handbags, new nail polish to complement its designs, and the freshest new collections.

Giorgio ArmaniArmani Boutique St-Tropez

This boutique, very close to Gucci, is easy to spot, whether there’s a Ferrari or a Lamborghini parked nearby. The Italian luxury brand showcases its refined, classic clothing and accessories in 341 square metres over two floors. The natural colour scheme creates a warm atmosphere for Saint-Tropez shoppers who prefer understated yet quite elegant surroundings.

Which luxury boutique in St Tropez will you visit first?

Guest Author: Judy Isacoff

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